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Gfoxx tops it all! – Wednesday, 22 June 2016

by June 21, 2016 General

You know a company is leading when its direction is clear and it has time to celebrate its triumphs.
Gfoxx International Inc., which was officially launched in June 2015 from the alliance and synergy of remarkable business leaders and visionaries from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, recently celebrated its first anniversary with a recognition party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
Boasting of the most revolutionary compensation system in the industry with a proprietary distribution system through direct selling, Gfoxx is described as the only direct selling company that takes a 21st century approach to prosper its members and stakeholders in 18 countries across the globe.
At the party, Gfoxx recognized outstanding sales performers where Silver Paragon Tintin Guison, Richard Taylo, Harold Raqueno, Paulo Ramos and Jeffrey Triangle were enthusiastically cheered by well-dressed attendees. Gold Paragon Edison Victorino, who earns an average of P600,000 out of sales commissions, was last to be recognized by his Gfoxx colleagues and management.
To top it all, Gfoxx is a multi-awarded company. It recently won the golden globe Annual Award for Business Excellence, Best Cosmetic Brand for Airlift Foundation Cushion.
With their vast experience and expertise in the fields of network marketing, nutrition, bio-technology, R&D and corporate management, this band of great individuals set their sights on the life-transforming power of direct selling. They take pride in the fact that Gfoxx can offer: first-to-market healthy lifestyle products, specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium skincare, personal care, nutritional and wellness products, to markets in the Philippines and around the world.
With the great aspiration to transform lives from ordinary to exceedingly extraordinary, Gfoxx is committed to become a faithful partner for every individual longing for that life breakthrough.
One of the company’s strong points, they say, is its top management’s expertise in the business of network marketing gained through many years of experience. With these network leaders, management heads and lead trainers, the company guarantees a simple and doable income opportunity to empower its distributors to realize their fullest potentials living a life of good health, financial freedom and great success.
Gfoxx is affiliated with EZ Shop Taiwan, the world’s leading TV Shopping company, together with their partner GMP-certified Biotechnology OEM Company.

Power duo
Business operations are spearheaded and managed by two young and dynamic professionals who have been actively involved in the network marketing industry both as part of a management team and as successful distributors.
The management board is also composed of two well-respected businessmen from the Philippines, Wilson Chua and Philip Co, both of whom have established ventures in various countries across the Asia Pacific and North America.
CEO and president David Tan, age 33, graduated with First Class Honors earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Nutrition from the University Malaysia Terranganu. He was the recipient of the Anugerah Pelajar Diraja Award conferred by His Royal Highness the King of Malaysia in the year 2005 for Academic Excellence.
Coming from a solid background as an expert network marketer, trainer and motivational speaker, Tan became the youngest to be promoted as country manager for the Philippine operations of an established Asian direct selling company. In his three years as country manager, he achieved a record-breaking performance of 800 percent sales growth, the highest growth posted in the history of the company.
Today, Tan brings the same leadership attributes to build Gfoxx into one of the world’s most innovative networking companies of the 21st century. Under his visionary leadership, Gfoxx has posted record-breaking performance of 1,800 distributors across 18 countries before official launch, one of the most phenomenal growths ever witnessed in the network marketing industry.
Tan now mentors thousands of people across the globe to aspire to a life of great success, earning six to seven-digit income on a monthly basis through the innovations that he initiated in Gfoxx’s compensation plan. He demonstrates the passion, business savvy and expertise to build and lead Gfixx into one of the world’s most innovative networking companies of the 21st century.
Co-founder and vice president John Ernest Fernandez, aged 30, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Perpetual Help in Manila, Philippines where he was a consistent Dean’s Lister and active youth leader. He was president and CEO of LifeWithAPlus Learning Resources Inc., a training and publishing company he pioneered which was awarded as 2015 Best Financial Management Training Center of the Philippines.
One of Asia’s most successful young entrepreneurs, he is also actively involved in various humanitarian work and was the Recipient of the Ambassador for Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation.
Fernandez developed a passion for network marketing at the very young age of six, inspired by his father who was a seasoned network marketing trainer. He was a high ranking distributor of an international direct selling. He was also the youngest Deputy Country Manager and Lead Trainer of the Philippine subsidiary of an established Asian direct selling company. Fernandez has authored two best-selling books.
With Gfoxx’s growing management team and commitment  to  product  excellence, Gfoxx International leverages its expertise in modern direct selling to drive our vision for expansion across the region. Leveraging on its unique and equitable entrepreneurial platform and innovative products makes them ready and fully equipped to seize business opportunities in important emerging markets.
Gfoxx encourages innovation within the company, and is continuously on the lookout for talents to enhance all levels of capabilities.
Gfoxx has set its goal to expand its distribution network globally, and establish an entrepreneurial platform which offers a unique financially rewarding program for any individual to pursue financial freedom and personal wellness.
How does it do this? By setting and working on high goals. Achieving a total sales of P10 million for May 2015, it doubled the goal for the second anniversary. For June 2016, it set the target to P20 million. It looks this team of high achievers tops it all!