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Global Knowledge Index 2017: Algeria Ranks 96 Out Of 131 Countries

by December 18, 2017 General

Algeria ranked 96 out of 131 countries in terms of access to knowledge according to the 2017 Global Knowledge Index, that is prepared by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation in partnership with the UN Development Program within the Arab Knowledge Project, ahead of Syria and Yemen that are suffering from civil wars.

The Global Knowledge Index is based on seven criteria, including basic education, technical education and vocational training, higher education, information and communication technologies, R & D and innovation, the appropriate general environment, and an overview index on enabling environments.

Algeria scored 40 points from the assessment below the world average by seven points, with Algeria scoring the worst ratings in “Technical Education and Vocational Training”, ranking 123, and 114th in the overall appropriate environment, while Algeria’s best ranking is the R & D And innovation, as it ranked 55th worldwide in this category.

Among the Arab countries, the UAE ranked 25th in the Knowledge Index, achieving a remarkable performance in the economy index, ranking second in the world after Singapore, and Bahrain ranked 43 in the Global Knowledge Index, followed by Kuwait 59, Jordan 62, Lebanon 63, Saudi Arabia 68, Oman 75, Morocco 77, Tunisia 80, Egypt 95, Algeria 96, Syrian Arab Republic 126, and Yemen 131.

The results of the index were announced during the Knowledge Summit 2017 that was held in Dubai, where Switzerland ranked first with 71.8 points out of 100 in the General Knowledge Index, followed by Singapore (69.5), Finland (68.5), Sweden (68.3), Netherlands (68), United States (67.2), Luxembourg (66.2), United Kingdom (65.6), Denmark (65.2) and Norway (64.3).