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Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Here's how to bring people back to the CBD

by August 24, 2016 General

This Saturday the community will be called on to start contributing their ideas on how to bring people back to the Ipswich CBD.

It’s part of a longer consultation process that will see residents’ ideas incorporated into the final plans for the new city heart with construction set to start next year.

But before construction starts during the second half of next year, residents, retailers and business owners are being asked to offer their ideas.

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What do you think about this? Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Nikki-Lee Fullarton – Cheaper rent so that small business can have a go. Look at the Gold Coast Cavill Ave, they have allsorts in there to attract all walks of life, not just target one age group. And parking, it’s the most ridiculous thing which is why many people avoid the Ipswich CBD like the plague.

Katrina Devine – We need more entertainment, things for small children and toddlers. We don’t need any more fast food or discount stores. And with the risk of sounding stupid have you seen how much foot traffic there is at river heart with the Pokemon craze. Imagine that in town. Would have to help businesses… Just saying.

Shane Enchelmaier – There are some streets in Singapore that close to traffic every Fri/Sat night so the bars & restaurants can put their tables out on the street. Creates a great vibe. Do that at the top of town. Divert traffic around on Fri/Sat nights & fill the street with people. Do that & more restaurants will open.

Deano Remfrey – More and free parking, invite buskers and entertainers and have places for them to set up. Free water, family and kid friendly areas. Shade and nature strips, library, A job exposition centre. Make it more than just consumerism, more than shops!

Harley-jean Gordon – Free parking! Big W! Playground (like at Orion shopping centre). No Smokers, at all! Move Hogsbreath from there tiny location in town to bigger spacious location at the CBD!

Sharra Starr – A wider variety of food shops/cafés and retail shops that aren’t so expensive. More security and cheaper parking. Add something for the kids too.

Kelly Elms – Definitely free family events – Ipswich city council and the Ipswich library already hold lots of free kid fun which is fantastic. The free and cheap parking is good. Having certain key department stores (big w, kmart, target, myer) would bring me in. And the discount stores. Cute family friendly cafes (there are also great ones around). Lots of community feel and welcoming environment and facilities.

Melinda Martin – It would be great if we had a Myer or the like. That way locals wouldn’t spend their money out of town. I’m loving the planned changes for Ipswich. We’ve got a great city.

Tim Neilsen – Increase foot traffic and demand by creating centralised retail, entertainment and hospitality precincts. There is no atmosphere right now because Ipswich is far too disjointed and customers are spread too thin all over town.

Darren Close – Put 5000 residential units above the retail shops.

Pong Terry – Friday / Saturday night market, live music, big screen for major sport events, rental incentives for creative individual cafe/bar and big brand fashion shop. Full CCTV coverage in the CBD area. Bulldoze the QLD health building, reposition bus stop location. No money for investment? Check if council can offer any incentive to get foreign investment for this commercial projects….

Chris Laurie – Signs saying pyjamas are not permissible out wear.