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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Hezbollah’s jump into the Yemen turmoil will intensify the instability of the Gulf region

by April 28, 2016 General

The Proxy wars and the Gulf region

The situation of the Gulf region has been getting worse since the tension took place among both Iran and Saudi Arabia and they both are considered as the Gulf region’s rivals and both of them are striving hard to dominate and influence the Gulf region. As both of these countries have come up aggressively against each other as far as showing power in the Gulf region is concerned, so that made them to kick off prolonged proxy wars against each other in different countries of the Gulf region such as Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. These proxy wars will intensify the ongoing turmoil of the Gulf region and leaving the situation as it is, will not only affect the Gulf region, but also the overall world, because it is the region that leads the world’s economy because of its attribute of having natural resources.

World’s superpowers and their different aims for the region

It is not wrong to stay that after the “Tunisian Revolution” the Gulf region’s situation moved to totally different direction and many specific groups and communities emerged and stood up to claim for their rights and from that point the sign of savagery prevailed in the region, which also paved a way for some militant groups to come up with their plots of destabilizing the Gulf region. As those militant groups started showing their power, so sadly the superpowers of the world rather than coming up with some effective measures in order to get the Gulf region on the right track, leveraged those groups with the help of their allies in the Gulf region. This strategy of the world’s superpowers paved a way for the unstoppable proxy wars to occur in the region.

The Hezbollah’s involvement in the Yemen turmoil

The state of the Yemen has accused the Hezbollah group to train the country’s Houthi terrorists and to fight with them against the current government of the Yemen. The official media of the Yemen has come up with the statement that the Houthi terrorists are being strongly backed by the Hezbollah’s group and it is not the hidden story anymore that the Hezbollah is supported by the state of the Iran. The involvement of the Hezbollah in the war against the state of the Yemen seems to weaken the strength of the Saudi Arabia to protect the current Yemen’s government.

Iran and Saudi Arabia

If one goes through this current situation of playing proxy wars against each other by both Iran and Saudi Arabia, so he/she will find that both of them are equally responsible for destabilizing the Gulf region and both countries have been backing and supporting their respective groups to leverage them against each other in different countries of the Gulf region.