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Hudud is a diversion MCA and MIC played along

by June 17, 2016 General

Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, June 17, 2016.

ramakrishnan3Was the Hudud bill aimed to divert peoples’ mind from 1MDB? The Hudud bill tabling by PAS president Hadi Awang in last parliament sitting has breathed new life for MCA, MIC and Gerakan. These parties’ leaders are taking turns to blame and criticize DAP for PAS president tabling the hudud private bill. The fact that UMNO pulled up the bill that was lying at the bottom and allowed PAS to table this private bill seem to slip their memory.

UMNO has successfully diverted 1MDB debacle, corruption, mounting national debts and slowing economy from the by election and replaced the Hudud fear as the main agenda. These BN component parties never questioned UMNO for allowing PAS to table this bill. To them UMNO can do no mischief and it’s always the DAP and the opposition parties that are wrong doers. Despite allowing PAS to table the hudud bill, the same UMNO leaders give assurance to these component parties that Hudud will not be implemented. So this was a deliberate attempt to sidetrack the international investigations by eight countries. But the fact remains that without UMNO these parties are long gone.

Despite the 60 years after independence under UMNO/BN rule, race and religion still dominate the political landscape and issues like the hudud law/amputating hands and legs can be the main agenda of an election. This can only take place in Malaysia and now where else. UMNO has kept the social and political climate so fragile that the real issue can be sidelined. 1MDB under the stewardship of Malaysian Prime Minister himself is drown in mounting debts till ministry of finance is to take over the liabilities.

The Prime Minister claims the RM2.6 billion banked into his personal account is from an unverified and unknown Saudi Prince. No investigation and criminal proceedings were initiated by the government. Wrong doers were not identified despite the massive money laundering. Singapore government has closed a Swiss Bank BSI branch for laundering 1MDB funds yet no one is charged in Malaysia. In fact media and whistle blowers are intimidated and silenced. Why is auditor general’s report on 1MDB is classified under official secret act?

The UMNO chief of Sungai Besar let the red T-shirt rally during the 16th Sept 2015 Malaysia day. These BN component parties were silent all through the rally even though the public was very upset with Sungai Besar UMNO chief’s action and UMNO president’s tacit support. But when the opposition put up a billboard highlighting the racial slur of Sungai Besar UMNO chief during the red T-shirt rally, these UMNO stooges want the billboard removed and accused DAP of creating racial tension. Such is the hypocrisy and duplicity of these BN stooges of UMNO.

Malaysians are burdened with increasing cost of living, ringgit sliding down, economy weakening and to make matters worse the debts of 1MDB is said to be assumed by MOF. Tax payers may have to settle the 1MDB debts. All investigations h ave been diverted and stopped and mainstream media do not cover these issues.

Unfortunately these issues are sidelined by the UMNO/BN controlled media. The general public does not know the gravity of the issues at hand and may be influenced by the goodies and big promises of Prime Minister and his cabinet especially during by elections. The political and economic developments in Malaysia are worrying and Malaysians cannot continue as though this is not our problem. Yes 1MDB is the people’s problem as it the taxpayer’s money. The nation cannot afford to have another bailout because of 1MDB.



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