I am predicting Marine Le Pen will become the next French president


Some two months before the last American election, last September I accurately predicted that Donald Trump would win the ballot in the following November election; I am now, two weeks before the final French election, penning the prediction that Marine le Pen will be the winner of the final ballot.

This prediction is based not only on the de visu map of the Le Pen electorate, the red dots, mainly in the northern part of France as well as in the rest of the country, indicate the strength of the mass of discontented voters ready to take the jump on the Le Pen bandwagon, even though the train is being labeled as racist and xenophobic.

My analysis is also based on the concept I have developed in several of my essays that most people of the world are sick and tired of the hypocrisy of the liberal values of the free market ethos where money, not human beings, is king. This sentiment has kept the developed nations in bondage for the last 30 years while re-enslaving under new terms the underdeveloped nations for the last 60 years.

In a series of articles I have put on notice the people in power that there is growing revolt of the voters all over the world. It started as usual, historically in England with the Brexit referendum telling the rest of Europe that the British citizens are sick and tired of the arcane regulations coming from lazy, but busy bee legislators in Brussels.

It continues with the American voters defying both political parties, the Republican as well as the Democratic, to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States, the billionaire avenger of the small American man, even though his interest is labeled as rooted in the state of the white man over those of women, the immigrants and the black constituency.

France of Louis XIV, the fief of king and vassals, has also led the world of civilization into the light of evolution. It was there that the concepts of equality, liberty and fraternity for and amongst all was formulated by philosophers like Voltaire, Rousseau and Montesquieu. It was also there that historians and philosophers like Ernest Renan established the idea that a perfect nation could be realized on earth if the sentiment of appurtenance constituted the fabric of that society.

France has also been in the avant-garde of the make-believe hand out of former colonial powers clamping the aspirations of the former colonies. In an essay, Cherchez la France, I have developed the theory that most nations with the worst standards of healthy governing practices are found in the former French colonies, including former protectorates such as Syria or former colonies such as Mali or Haiti.

The French people, as those in most developed countries of the world, with few exceptions such as Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Singapore, are dissatisfied with the policies of their government. For the past 30 years, “the rampant globalization” emulated on both sides of the Atlantic has profited only mainland China.

In my essay on the magnum opus of Emil Vlajki on the misery of the leftovers from globalization, I laid down the claim that the world is leading into two paths, those who see the light by preparing their citizens where they must become their own master of job creation by being well prepared with education and formation.

On the other side, you have the leaders of countries in the underdeveloped world, with no respect for their citizens, dumping their countrymen over to Europe from Africa, or those from Latin America and the Caribbean dumping their citizens over to the United States.

The French youth as well as rural French, the new immigrants from Africa and the old ones from Algeria, represent the voting bloc that is suspicious of a Macron winning bid in this election. Emmanuel Macron is the clean cut economist who speaks a liberal, pro Europe language that fails to excite the French electorate the same way Hillary Clinton failed to enthuse a critical mass of American voters that would have delivered the White House to another Democratic leader after Barack Obama’s two terms in office.

The coalition of the other French parties, banded together to defeat Le Pen’s bid to the French presidency, will not suffice. The far left, led by Benoit Hamon, has deserted the coalition of the willing for anyone but Le Pen. It leaves a hole where all the undecided will flow into the breach to cause a surge for the candidacy of the woman who bills herself as the Joan of Arc, ready to protect the French ethos against the alien values that dilute and alienate the French joie de vivre.

It will be the clash of civilizations, with Emmanuel Macron under the label of En Marche/Start Up movement defending Islam, globalization and the European Union, while Marine Le Pen is advocating for the preservation of the French core values enshrined in their Greco-Latin and Catholic roots.

The global electorate stands with the French citizens willing to plunge into the unknown to seek a new way of life where the horde of refugees from Africa will not be dumped into their land with the plain knowledge that their own French president was partly responsible for that debacle.

The French voters, like the rest of the world, want to feel secure from the terror of ISIS that strikes without mercy and without warning upon peaceful citizens; they want to bring back the innocence of the era at the end of World War II when bells were ringing, children were singing, and Beethoven’s Fifth was humming in the air, celebrating the victory of goodness over evil.

Whoever wins the French election in May will have to change the paradigm of the fake democracy en vigueur in France to enter into the kingdom of the humanist rationality, as proposed by Emil Vlagki in Les Désérités de la Modernité.

Jean H Charles LLB, MSW, JD, is a regular contributor to the opinion section of Caribbean News Now. He can be reached at jeanhcharles@aol.com. Published with the permission of Caribbean News Now.