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Sunday, September 27th, 2020

IEA family of countries meets in Paris to discuss expanded cooperation Consultation meeting held to inform upcoming IEA ministerial meeting 25 September 2017

by September 25, 2017 General

25 September 2017

Representatives from IEA family of countries meet in Paris on Monday 25 September, 2017 (Photograph: IEA)

Representatives of the IEA family — including selected Members, Accession, Association and Partner countries — met in Paris today ahead of the IEA’s upcoming Ministerial Meeting to discuss ways to enhance and expand cooperation on a variety of issues of mutual interest.

Discussions covered the three pillars of the IEA modernization strategy endorsed in 2015: enhancing energy security for the 21st century, providing perspectives on how to further “open the doors” of the IEA to emerging economies, and managing the clean energy transitions.

Participants discussed how the IEA can support each country’s diverse needs in advancing its respective transitions to clean energy, and what specific tools – including policy analysis, enhanced data and statistics, training and technical assistance — could be most helpful. Participants also discussed their priorities with respect to energy security, defined broadly to include oil, gas and electricity security components. Finally, participants reviewed the overall IEA modernization strategy and outlined their expectations for next steps on Association and other means of strengthening institutional relationships between partner countries and the IEA.

The IEA is proud to have six Association countries: China, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Singapore and Thailand. Together with our Accession countries Mexico and Chile, the IEA Family now accounts for more than 70% of global energy consumption.