In Focus: Check Out These Fun, Family-Friendly Must-Visit Places In Singapore


It’s a great big world out there, and packing up your little ones for an adventure—whether it’s to a nearby city, or across the country—can be really daunting.

Now, let’s think, what better way can you forget your worries and take a break from your routine than by spending some quality time with your loved ones at a beautiful destination? When it comes to vacationing in Asia, some of the best spots can be found in Singapore. Loaded with quirky museums, parks, wildlife adventure, stunning architecture, and good restaurants, a trip to Singapore offers all of the makings for the best family vacation ever.

Traveling with the little ones is a chance to relive your own childhood, and we’ve got some good news for you here as model/magazine editor/food blogger/wedding planner Georgia Schulze-del Rosario, together with her husband Armand del Rosario, and daughters Nadia, Sonia, Katia, and Irina give us a tour around the city and share some of their recommendations in Singapore that cater to both the young and the kids-at-heart adventurers.

Singapore Zoo. “The Singapore Zoo comprises hectares of land dedicated to the preservation of wildlife. It is one of the most remarkable zoos in the region, with world-class amenities, natural habitats, and immersive experiences. Aside from providing kids with fun experiences, the zoo is also big on wildlife conservation which was something we wanted for our kids—for them to respect and appreciate the animals, with whom we share our planet with.”

S.E.A. Aquarium. “With more than 100,000 species of aquatic creatures, the most spectacular feature of the largest aquarium in South East Asia is the giant viewing panel standing at 118ft wide and 27 ft tall, which allows you to sit back and marvel at the sweeping ocean scenery.”

EatPlayLove Craft Café. “The EatPlayLove Craft Café has so many fun crafts for the kids to do, as well as interesting nooks for adults to enjoy. For those who love snapping photos for social media, this is your go-to café.”

Sultan Mosque. “When traveling with the children, we always make sure to take the opportunity to really immerse them in the country’s culture. The Sultan Mosque, with its stunning traditional architecture and massive golden domes, sets a beautiful backdrop which reminded the girls of the setting in the Disney adaptation of Aladdin.”


Little India. “A visit to one of the city’s largest Indian temples showed the girls that though our beliefs may be different, each religion teaches about goodness and faith.”

Kidzania. “Kidzania is probably one of the most enjoyable activities for children. What began in Mexico is now a worldwide phenomenon, allowing kids to roleplay in ‘grown up’ jobs and have a go at earning money. The girls got to try many professions—from runway models (because mommy was one once upon a time), to museum curators and even working in a traditional barbequed meat shop where they learned to make the famed Asian pork jerky ‘Bakwa’.”

Singapore is a great destination for family-friendly vacations, and no matter where you travel, there is always plenty of things for kids to do. To learn more about the country and for more travel tips, you can now download and check out The Ultimate Singapore Family Getaway from the No Ink app (click here to download the full version).

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Photographs by Paul del Rosario for The Ultimate Singapore Family Getaway magazine