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Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Indian bride’s $100M wedding sparks outrage

by November 16, 2016 General

The $100-million wedding of an Indian mining tycoon’s daughter has triggered outrage in the cash-strapped nation.

Gali Janardhan Reddy appears to have pulled out all the stops to make his little girl’s big day — or five days to be exact — special. Among the highlights:

– Reddy has taken over Bangalore Palace for the festival.

– More than 50,000 guests are expected. They were sent gold-plated invites.

– Brazilian dancers have been flown in for the celebration.

– Bride Brahmani Reddy’s wedding sari cost a whopping $3.3 million and jewelry worth $6 million.

– Eight Bollywood directors were hired to create “sets” resembling Hindu temples.

The bride’s big bash comes at a time when the government has pulled high-value notes out of circulation in an effort to battle tax evasion.

Guests will be guarded by a small army of 3,000 bouncers and 300 cops.

State health minister KR Ramesh Kumar slammed the affair as “a sheer obscene display of wealth.”

“I will not attend this marriage,” he said, quoted by the Daily Telegraph. “I will not attend such marriages if any of my relatives or friends indulge in displaying such wealth.”

Banks have seen days of lineups as people try to convert their now-worthless notes. The move has hit the poor particularly hard.

The father of the bride claims he mortgaged properties in Singapore and Bangalore to pay for the bash.