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Indian student gets 5 months in jail for molesting woman in Singapore Aug 31, 2017 23:28 IST

by August 31, 2017 General

An Indian student in Singapore was on Thursday sentenced to five months in jail for molesting a woman last year, according to a media report.

Ravi Kumar, 27, was jailed for molesting the 27-year-old woman in Redhill housing estate on the night of September 9, The Straits Times reported.

Kumar was drinking beer with his friend when he saw the victim at Block 84, Redhill Lane, and struck up a conversation with her. The victim was with her elder sister, who was talking on her cellphone.

Shortly after, Ravi stood up and gave $10 to the victim’s sister and told her to “buy drinks”.

He then sat next to the victim, put his arm around her shoulder and tried to molest her, the paper said.

The victim scolded him and called the police.