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Indonesia's Batam to make landmark carnival into annual event

by December 19, 2017 General

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JAKARTA, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — Indonesia’s Batam will make a landmark cultural festival held to observe the 188th anniversary of the territory an international annual event to attract more foreign tourists the Indonesian island near Singapore, an official said.

Citing great enthusiasm throughout the festival, head of Batam Business Administration Agency Lukita said the festival has the potential to attract at least 5,000 people.

“We hope the cultural festival would become a stimulant for influx of more foreign tourists coming to Batam, giving multiplier effect for the economy and tourism in Batam,” Lukita said.

The cultural festival festival held in Batam’s main road of Imam Bonjol over the weekend showcased Indonesian arts and cultural performances.

The event also featured traditional costumes which were displayed by over a hundred of cosplayers, world international pageant candidates and musical festivals that mixed modern and traditional genres.

Deputy Minister for Domestic Tourism Development at the Tourism Ministry Esthy Reko Astuti supported the idea to make the festival as an annual event, saying that it would help attract more international holiday-makers to the resort island.