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Islandwide Multi-Agency Counter-Terrorism Exercise

by February 22, 2019 Technology

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) conducted an islandwide counter-terrorism exercise from 19 to 20 February 2019. This exercise is part of continuous efforts by the Home Team and the SAF to test and validate Singapore’s multi-agency response plan in the event of terrorist attacks.

More than 900 personnel from the SPF’s Woodlands Division, Tanglin Division, Jurong Division, Special Operations Command, Gurkha Contingent, and the SAF’s Island Defence Task Force (IDTF), Special Operations Task Force (SOTF), and 38th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers (38 SCE), participated in the exercise.

In Stage 1 of the exercise, held at Tuas Link MRT station, SPF and SAF personnel responded to various terror attack scenarios such as Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threats, marauding gunmen and hostage-taking. The SPF’s Ground Response Force (GRF) officers and Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) provided the first line of response to these simulated terror attacks. The second wave responders of the Armed Strike Teams (ASTs) from the SPF’s Special Operations Command and Gurkha Contingent provided added tactical capabilities. As the exercise scenario developed into a hostage situation, the SPF’s Special Tactics & Rescue Unit (STAR) moved in to contain the siege and to provide immediate tactical intervention when there is an imminent threat to life. As the final line of response, the SAF’s Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) was deployed to respond to complex hostage-taking situations, along with the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Explosives (CBRE) units to neutralise IED threats and the Medical Response Force (MRF) to deal with medical emergencies.

In Stage 2 of the exercise, SPF officers, supported by the SAF’s IDTF, conducted joint deterrence patrols at residential heartlands and commercial areas[1]. This was part of deterrence efforts and stepped up security measures in response to a heightened threat situation. The joint deterrence patrols also responded to active shooting, unattended suspicious article, vehicle ramming attack, and suspicious and aggressive subjects at various locations.

The SPF and SAF conduct regular joint training and exercises to enhance operational readiness in homeland security operations. Such interactions strengthen interoperability between the two security forces to deal swiftly and effectively with terrorism threats under the Homefront Crisis Management Framework.

Source: Singapore Police Force