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Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Joint SPF-SPS Statement in Response to allegations made in Mikhy Brochez’s Facebook Post

by February 13, 2019 Health Maintenance

The Police and Prisons refer to allegations made by Mikhy Brochez on his Facebook on 13 Feb 2019. MOH has explained in Parliament on 12 Feb the circumstances surrounding the leak, and Brochez’s culpability.

Police and Prisons will set out below the response to some specific allegations made by Brochez, about the investigations and his incarceration.

Allegation #1: HIV Registry was leaked by Zachary Levine

Brochez has said that a Zachary Levine was the one who leaked the HIV registry. In 2016, Police had investigated Levine following similar allegations levelled by Brochez. Police’s investigation, which included an interview and examination of Levine’s electronic devices seized from his residence, did not reveal any evidence to suggest that Zachary was either in possession of any MOH-related files, or had shared any HIV registry data.

Prior to 2016, Brochez also claimed in correspondences with MOH that Dr Ler and Levine had shared screenshots of Brochez’s own record in the HIV registry, but Brochez was never able to produce verifiable evidence to support this claim.

Allegation #2: Brochez was abused while in Police custody

Brochez has made claims that he was tortured while in Police custody. This is untrue. This allegation was investigated by the Police’s Internal Affairs Office. The Office found that the allegations were untrue.

Allegation #3: Brochez was sexually assaulted and contracted HIV in Prison

Brochez has said that he had contracted HIV when he was sexually assaulted while in Prisons. This allegation of being sexually assaulted in Prison was investigated by CID and found to be untrue. On the contrary, during Brochez’s imprisonment, he committed a litany of institutional offences, including assaulting a fellow inmate. It is a matter of record that Brochez had contracted HIV, years before he was admitted into Prison in 2016.

Allegation #4: Brochez was denied HIV medication while in Prison

He has claimed that he was denied HIV medication to manage his condition. This is untrue. When Brochez was admitted into Prison in June 2016, he had declared that he had been HIV positive since 2008. He however refused to submit himself for the necessary blood tests for the purposes of ascertaining his medical condition and of treatment. Prisons eventually checked with MOH, (given his refusal), and subsequently provided him with the necessary medication. AGC did not interfere with his medical treatment as he alleged and in fact, AGC has no authority to do so.


Brochez had been tried and found guilty by the Singapore Courts. He was accorded due legal process. He has now made baseless allegations about the investigations as well as against Police and Prisons. His actions have shown him to be a pathological liar.

Nevertheless, we welcome him to come back to Singapore to assist with Police investigations.

Source: Singapore Police Force