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Karachi zoo to be improved, modernized: Shoaib Siddiqui (Regional Times (Pakistan))

by August 18, 2015 General

Steps are being taken to improve and modernize the Karachi Zoo and in this regard contact has been established with Singapore. This was announced by the Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui on Monday. He was presiding over a meeting at the Karachi Zoo which decided to observe a Zoo Week from September 6. The occasion would be utilized for fostering peoples’ interest in the zoo and creating awareness regarding the animals. It was also decided that a number of functions would also be organized during the period.

For improving and modernizing Karachi Zoo according to the international standards, the assistance of Singapore would be sought. It was pointed out that Singapore had expressed desire to train the staff of Zoo and the offer has been accepted. The staff of the Karachi Zoo would soon be sent to Singapore for training. The meeting decided that Karachi Zoo support fund would be instituted and assistance of private institutions, industrialists and civil society would be sought. It was decided that the income generated by Karachi Zoo and Safari Park would be kept in separate accounts and the money would be utilized for the welfare of the animals and betterment of the zoo.

The Commissioner expressed surprise over the working of the veterinary hospital at the Zoo and its dilapidated condition. He directed that it be activated and renovated immediately. It was also decided that Karachi Zoo and Safari Park be improved on scientific lines and that there was a need to set up the research and development department.