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Kenya Sevens team welcome a befitting honour

by April 19, 2016 General
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The rousing welcome given to the world-beating Kenya Sevens rugby team on their return Tuesday from Singapore, where they won glory for the country, is a big honour to the players by compatriots who appreciate their monumental feat.

It is during moments like this one that many forget their political and other differences and rally together as a people proud of being Kenyans.

It is also a manifestation of the potential of sport to unite Kenyans in celebration of great national achievements.

Since their marvellous win in the international rugby tournament, all the rave has been about all Kenyans, and not just the few young men who trounced Fiji.

Besides athletics, we have been starved of success in sports, with woeful performances in football.

But the rugby players are making the nation proud and they and their officials deserve congratulations for an excellent job.

This is about national success and pride and we hope the foundation has been laid to make the country savour more moments like this one. 

Though this is the first cup win, the country has for years made a strong showing in this segment of rugby.

It should inspire the 15s team to replicate this, and also the soccer players and others to immortalise Kenya as a great sporting nation.