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Kho Jabing asks family to accept his fate

by April 5, 2016 General
A file picture of Kho Jabing. - Singapore Police Force

A file picture of Kho Jabing. – Singapore Police Force

SINGAPORE: “Accept the decision” were the words from Kho Jabing to his family after Singapore’s court of appeal unanimously dismissed his appeal against his death sentence Tuesday.

Kho’s younger sister, Jumai Jabing, said she and her mother were allowed to see Kho in prison for about three hours after the court’s decision Tuesday morning.

Jumai and her mother Lenduk Baling were in Singapore for the court’s decision on his appeal and will be returning home Saturday.

“We are considering writing again to the President of Singapore to spare my brother. We admit we might not get a favourable decision, but we will still try,” she said.

It was reported before that Kho had previously made an appeal for clemency, but was turned down by Singapore President Tony Tan last October, on the Cabinet’s advice.

Jumai said Kho also asked that his body be brought to Miri, Sarawak and buried at the nearest Muslim cemetery once the sentence was carried out.

“If it should come to that… we hope the Malaysian High Commission here will help to make the arrangements,” said Jumai, who is from Ulu Baram, Sarawak.

According to her, the family was not informed of the date of his execution.

Kho, 31, was sentenced to hang six years ago for killing a man in a robbery attempt. He made an appeal in 2013 following amendments to Singapore’s mandatory death penalty laws.

Following that, he was re-sentenced to life imprisonment with 24 strokes of the cane.

However, the prosecution appealed, urging the Court of Appeal to reverse the re-sentencing judge’s decision and send Kho back to the gallows.

In November 2015, his lawyer launched a criminal motion to reduce his sentence and was granted a stay on his sentence for the lawyer to prepare his case again.

Kho and fellow Sarawakian Galing Anak Kujat had reportedly killed contruction worker Cao Ruyin during a robbery attempt in Geylang Drive. – Bernama