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Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Kid gets caught using £150,000 Lamborghini as stunt ramp for his BIKE but is forgiven by the car's owner

by October 17, 2016 General

A kid was filmed on a Lamborghini’s in-car camera using the £150,000 sports car as a bicycle STUNT RAMP.

Aaron Rylan’s high specification vehicle, thought to be a Murciélago, was parked on the street with a security dashcam in place when it caught the incursion.

Taken on October 15 at 2pm, Mr Rylan shared the video on Facebook as a warning to other drivers.

The footage shows one boy cycling around the area near the car parked in Singapore before aiming directly at the front of the car – and using it as a ramp to ride over.

“I had lodged a police report at 1533hrs [3.33pm] after I managed to download the videos of the said ‘Mischief Act’,” he wrote, adding: “They fled right after the said act. Looks fun.”

Facebook Kid gets caught using Lambo as a stunt ramp

The footage captured the boy mounting the front of the Lamborghini

In warning, he notes: “Friends, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunties to kindly educate your children to think before performing such acts – or at least find a vehicle without an in-car camera.”

Although Mr Rylan said that he was keen not to identify the boys, after settling the matter privately, he met with the rider in question.

Facebook Kid gets caught using Lambo as a stunt ramp

Two boys were reportedly out riding and then one aimed his bike at the car

Mr Rylan posted online : “Izzad Adnaff and myself just had a good catch-up session!”

He added: “Extreme sports or biking is a healthy activity which requires proper safety gears and most importantly the right place.”

Facebook Kid gets caught using Lambo as a stunt ramp

Without a pause, he used the sports car as a ramp and drove over the top

He then asked for the boy’s family to respect the family and their privacy.