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Leadership in Africa must be redefined to drive development – CTL Africa

by August 30, 2017 General

The Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa (CTL Africa) has urged a redefinition of leadership on the continent to bring about the needed development.

CEO of CTL, Samuel Ayim said there are issues with leadership in Ghana and other African countries because of definitions associated with the word.

In a statement issued Tuesday, he said Africans will be able to get more from their leaders if there is a redefinition of the concept of leadership. 


CEO of CTL, Samuel Ayim

“There is an urgent need for a redefinition of the concept of leadership in Africa and to inculcate same into the national values of African states through a new curriculum of education from the basic level through to all higher levels of the educational system,” he said.


Accra August 29, 2017


A Speech by Mr. Samuel Ayim, CEO, Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa (CTL Africa )

There is an urgent need for a redefinition of the concept of leadership in Africa and to inculcate same into the national values of African states through a new curriculum of education from the basic level through to all higher levels of the educational system.

In every discussion on the development (or rather the under development) of Africa, the issue of leadership is fingered. It has almost become a cliché to cite countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and even Rwanda, as examples of where leadership has made a difference as against African countries who are still struggling under poor leadership, with its attendant avoidable economic and social tragedies.

So if leadership is recognized as the problem, for so long, why are we not able to fix it with all the intellectual and financial resources at our disposal? The answer is that the problem is deeper than merely fingering leadership. The problem lies in the very definition we put on leadership. The concept of leadership as a position, a higher position, from where all solutions should emanate, and that we should all strive to attain that position before we can make any meaningful contribution is a flawed one.

The concept of leadership as position that should bring to the occupant the maximum personal benefit is a flawed one.

As John Maxwell (renowned leadership expert) has written and taught for years, the true meaning of leadership is influence and the highest purpose of leadership is to add value to others. True leaders do not serve their own personal interest. True leaders make a difference in their societies and in the lives of their people. True leaders aim to change the circumstance of their communities for the better. We need a new concept of leadership that says each and every one of us can lead. In other words, each of us can influence change from where we are. We do not have to wait till we are appointed or elected to a ‘position’ before we start leading.

This is the concept of leadership that we should begin to adopt and inculcate as part of our national culture and attitude. We should begin to introduce this concept into our educational system from the basic level. The people who today occupy the positions of President, Minister, Chief Executive Officer etc, did not fall from the moon. They are from the society and they carry with them the national definition and attitudes of leadership. As long as all of us, as a people have a flawed concept of leadership, we can change governments a million time, but we will have the same disappointing results.

I agree with the view that the difference between poor and rich nations is not the age of the nation, nor the availability of natural or even human resources. The difference is the attitude of the people, moulded for many years by education, moral responsibility and culture.

It would be observed that the conduct of the majority of people from the rich and developed countries reveal basic principles of ethical behaviour, integrity, responsibility, respect for Laws and Order, respect by the majority of citizens towards others, the love of work and productivity, a positive attitude toward savings and investment, and punctuality.

Leadership is influence; therefore whether you are father, mother, family head, supervisor or chief executive of an organization, a driver or the president; you must set high ethical values for yourself and those you are leading and be strategically focused to succeed in your area of influence. As a leader you need a strong character, appropriate training and skills to lead effectively.

This new concept of leadership is what Live2Lead is all about; an annual leadership program which CTL Africa in partnership with the John Maxell Company is bringing to Ghana on October 6, 2017 at the College of physicians and surgeons centre, Accra. This will be held annually to help inculcate this new concept of leadership in our people.

The event will feature four renowned world class speakers and leaders to address different aspect of this concept of leadership to equip participants to lead and create change with renewed passion and drive.   

We are by this opportunity inviting people in all levels of leadership positions and those aspiring to leadership to come and participate in this life changing leadership event. To participate in the Live2Lead conference kindly visit

About CTL Africa: The Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa (CTL Africa) aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and real life by providing knowledge, programs, and facilities necessary for successful living but which are not taught in schools. This includes leadership principles in all aspects of life such as self-sacrifice, disciplined living, identifying life purpose by committing to resolving problems of the world (self-leadership); business leadership (entrepreneurship), political leadership among others.

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