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Leading Chinese entrepreneurs to meet Trudeau in Canada

by October 14, 2016 General

Updated 2016-10-14 17:49:20

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will greet a delegation of leading Chinese entrepreneurs in the coming week in Canada, after meeting them six weeks ago in Beijing.

A China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) delegation will embark on an eight-day journey to Canada from October 16 to 23. This is the 9th destination country of CEC’s annual visit, following trips to the United States, UK, France, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and Italy.

Trudeau will host the delegation at the Willson House residence on Meech Lake. Just a month ago, he met with CEC members at the China Entrepreneur Club Leaders Forum in Beijing during his first official visit to China, and held discussion on China’s private sector business leaders views on Canada-China business relations and partnership growth.

The journey will cover the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. The delegation will mainly look into the policy landscape of Canada, the opportunities during economic transformation, competitiveness in talent and technology, and foster communication with important industries including technology and innovative industries, consumer goods, and finance.

The CEC delegation will be headed by Ma Weihua, President of China Entrepreneur Club. Delegates include business leaders from various industries such as Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, Frank Wu, Chairman of Central China Real Estate; and many others.

CEC’s visit will also include meetings organized by Power Corporation, Bombardier, Cirque du Soleil, and Royal Bank of Canada. Roundtable dialogues will be held with the QG100 Network, the Toronto Financial Services Alliance, the Canada China Business Council, the Business Council of Canada and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

The China Entrepreneur Club is the premier business leader platform in China. CEC member companies are economic powerhouses, with 50 dynamic companies earning a total annual gross income of over three trillion RMB.