Leading Cloud Services Provider Program Partners Embrace SAP HANA Integration with HYCU for Google Cloud

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Recently Introduced Cloud Services Provider Program Seeing Rapid Global Growth from Partners That Need Cloud-native, 1-click Data Protection as a Service

BOSTON, Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HYCU, Inc., a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in multi-cloud data backup and recovery, today announced leading Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) globally are first to deploy HYCU’s latest innovation and enhanced support for SAP HANA (See related release, HYCU Delivers New SAP HANA Data Protection as a Service Solutions for Google Cloud.”) CSPs that have joined the HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program are able to leverage HYCU Protégé as a comprehensive data management solution to accelerate their customers’ multi-cloud journey. The program also provides partners a co-branded service that can deliver data migration, data protection, and disaster recovery as a service.

“Since introducing our Cloud Services Provider Program the global reception has exceeded our expectations,” said Bogdan Viher, VP, International Sales, HYCU, Inc. “Google Partners in particular recognize the importance of purpose-built data protection, available directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace, that is easy to deploy and manage for their customers. With our latest innovation and Backint Support for SAP HANA, they now have a powerful solution to offer customers. We couldn’t be more excited at what our engineering team has been able to accomplish with this milestone and providing our partners with this significant support.”

CLOUDPORT, a Google Cloud Partner with more than ten years of expertise in Cloud Migration, Enterprise Collaboration and Smart Application Development, noted, “We are excited to see a backint-certified native Google Cloud backup solution available for our customers,” said Fiifi Baidoo, Founder and Chief Architect, CLOUDPORT. “We’re supporting a growing number of organizations to migrate from their traditional legacy environment to Google Cloud’s environment and enjoy some of the unique benefits of the Google-SAP partnership. Hearing from HYCU that they’ve launched SAP on Google Cloud Backup, was absolutely thrilling and the perfect way to close the gap. We are reluctant to close new partnerships easily as we believe that a great partnership requires focus and dedication. HYCU not only delivers a great, simple to use and highly innovative product to suit our customers needs well, they are an amazing partner to work with. Truly dedicated to supporting CLOUDPORT in delivering a great service and making an impact for our customers.”

Hansjörg Jäckel, SAP Expert, at Cloudwürdig GmbH, a German-based Premier Google Cloud Partner, with more than 35 years in implementing innovative and disruptive technologies, added, “In order to be able to easily operate or migrate a SAP system landscape successfully and efficiently in the cloud, there are three success factors. First, you need a simple, configurable, yet at the same time smart orchestrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS] solution like Google Cloud’s platform. Second, you need an automation engine that reliably handles comprehensive back-up, data recovery and migration / cloning tasks. Third, you need an implementation partner, that has in-depth Google Cloud know-how and certified SAP knowledge at the same time. HYCU is setting the highest standards with its new SAP S/4HANA BackInt Solution and we’re excited to be working together.”

Incentro, a Google Premier Partner with more than ten years of experience in cloud migration, Enterprise Collaboration and smart application development, needed the right cloud-native data protection solution for its growing cloud team in Africa. “We need to make sure we are ready to support companies opening up their time to innovate and grab that competitive advantage by reducing time spent on operational maintenance. From Hybrid Cloud to a Full Cloud, native infrastructure, we meet our customers where they are and help them get there,” said Dennis de Weerd, CEO Incentro Africa. “Our customers were excited to see a backint-certified native Google Cloud backup solution. We’re supporting a growing number of organizations to migrate their SAP environment to Google Cloud and enjoy some of the unique benefits of the Google and SAP partnership. Hearing that HYCU had the first in its kind SAP on Google Cloud Backup support was absolutely thrilling and the perfect way to close the gap, offering.”

For iSolutions, a Google Cloud-enabling company, their customers value the native cloud experience of the tools they use alongside Google Cloud. “That’s why HYCU for Google Cloud, a fully managed SaaS backup and recovery solution, is a great fit for our customers,” said Amritha Alva, Pre Sales Head, iSolutions. “HYCU tightly integrates with Google Snapshots, IAM, Tags, and Storage, and simply shows as a line item on the Google invoice at the end of the month. To add to it, when HYCU introduced backint-based SAP HANA support in HYCU for Google Cloud, we knew this was a one-of-a-kind solution our customers would approve.”

HYCU Authorized partner, Microfusion Technology, a Google Cloud Premier Partner with SAP specialization that demonstrates success in architecting, building, migrating, and maintaining SAP workloads on Google Cloud infrastructure praised the latest release. “We are excited to leverage HYCU Data Protection as a Service for Google Cloud’s platform to assist our SAP on Google Cloud customers to fulfil their enterprise backup requirements within minutes,” said Gerald Ho, Sales Director, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Microfusion Technology. “HYCU fully managed Backup as a Service automatically discovers instances where SAP HANA is deployed. Without any deployment, configuration or maintenance hassle. Protecting the SAP production environment against data loss, errors or corruption has never been that easy. We have multiple customers who are eager to take advantage of the latest HYCU innovation.”

SAPBASIS ApS,a Danish-based SAP projects and operations partner, commented on the latest HYCU innovation. ”HYCU delivers a great, simple to use and highly innovative product that keeps your SAP HANA data in Google Cloud safe,” said Kenneth Lylloff, Partner, SAPBASIS ApS. “The cloud-native nature of the HYCU solution and the scalable cost model fits the new cloud reality perfectly. Their product and support is very much in-line with how we think about business – best in class. We know HYCU is dedicated to support SAPBASIS in delivering a great service and making an impact for our customers with backint-certified native Google Cloud backup solution for SAP HANA.”

Siatik, a Premier Google Cloud partner in Africa with a world-class team of Cloud Architects, Data Engineers and Consultants, focuses on specialized and managed services. “Our customers value the cloud-native experience of the tools they use alongside Google Cloud,” said Sunny Vandeyar, Director, Siatik. “That’s why HYCU for Google Cloud, a fully managed SaaS backup and recovery solution, is a great fit for them. The newly introduced support for SAP HANA on Google Cloud’s platform with SAP certified Cloud Storage Backint Agent is another key capability that SAP HANA admins as well as Google Cloud admins will both approve of and rush to implement.”

To learn more about becoming a HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program partner visit https://www.hycu.com/service-providers/. To learn more about HYCU for Google Cloud visit https://www.hycu.com/data-protection/hycu-for-gcp/. Follow on Twitter @hycuinc and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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