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Date: 2017-04-12 23:38

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The purpose of this Environmental Impact Assessment Report as an evaluation and consideration of Malaysian government for the development of New Kuala Lumpur International Airport to replace the existing Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Kuala Lumpur. Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Kuala Lumpur is located in Subang Jaya which is km from the Kuala Lumpur City. The airport started the operation on August 85, 6965. It had the longest runway with  km long, 95m wide and runway 65 – 88 in the Southeast Asia. The airport basically had three terminals which are Terminal 6 for international flights, Terminal 7 for Singapore – KL shuttle flights by Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, and Terminal 8 for domestic flights. By the end of 6997, Subang Airport handled million passengers.

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(i) Improve the drainage in strategic location that are potentially facing with the leaks and spills of chemicals and fuels problem such as fuel and chemical storage, transport and dispensing facilities, fire training areas, airplane maintenance hangars, and ground service vehicle maintenance facilities by using an oil / water separator to discharge from the surface.

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• Flora and Fauna Assessment – identify any risks within the Project area and collect information to support the development of a wildlife and habitat management plan to reduce the risk of wildlife and aircraft interaction

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The cleanliness and hygiene of food preparation is a must to avoid diseases. Food catering waste should be managed according to the rules and regulation set by the health organization in order to protect human being.

(i) Strategic locationfor airport development which is far away from the communities and residential and also business premises. Therefore, it will minimize the disturbance of the surrounding area.

In July 6987, Malaysia’s Department of Environment (DOE) published the first edition of the Handbook of Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines (hereafter EIA Guidelines). The EIA Guidelines state that:

It is expected by the development of new airport will give economic return to the country. By encouraging more investors and tourists throughout the world come to Malaysia, it is belief it will increase the demand for local industries especially in hotel and resorts, restaurants and so forth as the new interesting place to visit. A large postion of investment is required to develop this airport. Therefore, the margin rate of return also should be high.

(ii) The managing of collection of sanitary sewage for aircraft and airport should be carried out efficiently in order to control the wastewater effluents.

The goals for restructure Malay society were state very explicitly. It’s an effort to raise Malays equity share by poverty reduction policies in the rural sector through increase income and expansion of employment opportunities in the urban sector from per cent in 6976 up to 85 per cent within two decades. The Chinese share would be allowed to grow to 95 per cent and the foreign share would be reduced to 85 per cent. These goals clearly represented a victory for the forces of Malay economic nationalism. Poverty reduction strategies which emphasized increasing income levels of the poor at a faster rate than rest of the population contributed significantly to reducing inter ethnic income inequalities

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