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by September 11, 2018 General

PUTRAJAYA,Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia welcomes the move by the Singapore State Courts granting the return of 1MDB monies with a total value of some S$15.3 million (RM45.9 million) to the country, said Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng

I hope this is the beginning of more to come. After all, the sum of these monies is only a tip of the iceberg to be returned relating to 1MDB.

We also want to thank the Attorney-General on his efforts which are now bearing fruits, he said in a statement here yesterday.

Earlier, the Singapore State Courts have granted disposal orders in respect of monies that had been unlawfully misappropriated from the 1MDB and/or SRC International Sdn Bhd Group of Companies.

Solicitors for the Malaysian government, Tan Rajah & Cheah, in a statement yesterday, said the monies are in various currencies with a total value of S$15.3 million.

These monies are being transferred to the special 1MDB recovery bank account in Kuala Lumpur, said the statement.

It added efforts to recover other unlawfully misappropriated assets were ongoing.

Source: NAM News Network