MHA Pays Tribute to Volunteers’ Dedication


25 Oct 2014 – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean presented Long Service Awards to 71 individuals for their commitment and contribution to the safety and security of Singapore

           The Ministry of Home Affairs paid tribute to 71 partners and volunteers who received the Long Service Awards at the annual Minister’s Appreciation Lunch on 25 October 2014 for Home Team Connection members. Nine of them have served more than 25 years, the longest serving having served 45 years.

2.         Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean said, “It is important that the Home Team continues to work with and through community partners and volunteers to keep Singapore and Singaporeans safe
and secure. This is even as the Home Team continues to enhance its resilience and build new capabilities to better tackle evolving threats and challenges.”

3.         Mr Toh Weng Cheong said that he was proud to have served 45 years on the Criminal Law Review Board where members safeguard the integrity of the criminal law acts and help to ensure that criminal law legislation and help to ensure that its provisions/powers are properly applied to keep us safe.  

4.             Ms Tina Hung, a member of the Board of Visitors (Drug Rehabilitation Centres & Anti-Inhalant Abuse Centres) for ten years, said that serving on the Prisons board has kept her humble, more reflective and compassionate. She felt that no matter their station in life, everyone deserved a second chance, and to succeed.

5.            Mr P O Ram said that the fulfilment that comes from serving others and the sheer sense of satisfaction of having done something for others motivated him continue to volunteer on the Board of Visitors (Drug Rehabilitation Centres &
Anti-Inhalant Abuse Centres) as their Chairman for 35 years.

6.              Annex A details the Long Service Awardees and Annex B details the full list of Boards, Councils and Committees that the Long Service Award recipients are from.

Home Team Connection Partners

7.              The Home Team Connection partners are respected community leaders, professionals and individuals who assist MHA and its departments in preserving safety and security, including counselling and helping ex-offenders re-integrate into society. These partners make up the 36 Boards, Councils and Committees under the Home Team. They include the Board of Visitors (Drug Rehabilitation Centres and Anti-Inhalant Abuse Centres), the Board of Visiting Justices and Board of Inspection, the National Crime Prevention Council, the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council, the National Council Against Drug Abuse and the Medical Advisory Committee.

8.               In 2014, a total of six new Home Team Boards were added to the Home Team Connection. Four of the new boards are under the purview of the Singapore Prisons Service, namely the Board of Visitors (Community Rehabilitation Centre), the External Placement Review Board, the Long Imprisonment Review Board and the Mandatory Aftercare Advisory Committee. The two other new boards are Yellow Ribbon Fund Board and the Independent Review Panel.