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Multimedia feast at ST exhibition (The Straits Times)

by August 12, 2015 General

With tech help, visitors can delve into stories and journey through ST’s 170-year history

At the entrance to the Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow exhibition, visitors are greeted by four 55-inch LG television sets that take them back in time on a virtual journey through 170 years of The Straits Times’ history.

Inside the exhibition area at the ArtScience Museum, the interactive element continues with a dozen 55-inch LG Oled televisions, mostly screening videos produced by The Straits Times.

Visitors can also use four units of LG’s flagship G Tablet 8.0 LTE to watch interactive videos, explore a 360-degree panorama of the National Gallery’s interior or try out the Singapore Slider, which contrasts old photos of Singapore with their modern-day counterparts.

SLIDE BACK IN TIME: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong trying out the interactive Singapore Slider feature, which contrasts photos of old and modern-day Singapore, at the launch of the exhibition. The touchscreen table is from the ArtScience Museum’s inventory. ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

To immerse themselves in the stories, visitors can reach for one of 20 pairs of Sennheiser Momentum headphones, or, for a truly captivating experience, don one of two Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headsets.

Ms Honor Harger, executive director of the ArtScience Museum, said that digitising some of the content “created different forms of experience in the exhibition routes that cater to the various interests of our visitors”.

The Straits Times arts correspondent Huang Lijie, who was part of the six-member curatorial team that put the exhibition together, added: “The Straits Times has kept pace with time and it now presents its content digitally, beyond print and paper, and the tech equipment in the show allows us to highlight our rich multimedia content.”

• The exhibition is open from now until Oct 4 at the ArtScience Museum. Admission is free.