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New branch offices and factories take CAM’s business to next level

by April 13, 2016 General

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Electronics grow more sophisticated each day as technology continues to evolve – compact mobile phones come packed with cutting-edge features, thinner television screens vividly display lifelike images, and smart cars boast of fuel efficiency. Understanding the need for higher-quality components for these smart electronics, CAM evolves alongside the industry to provide precision injection moulds and precision engineering plastic parts.

In the highly technical field of tooling optical, memory card, vehicle and battery parts, and moulds, CAM maintains its edge in the industry through the time-tested expertise of its talent pool.

“The human resource is our most valuable asset. Most employees have been with us a very long time, passing on their experiences to the next generation. They are in this business for the long term and help us continuously raise the quality of our products,” says president Yukio Kimura.

With high-quality and high-precision products at economical price points, CAM’s international client base is steadily growing and comprises more than 50 per cent of the company’s clientele. The biggest names in consumer electronics such as Canon, Sony, SanDisk and Hewlett-Packard all turn to CAM for standard or customised moulds and parts. CAM even supplies components for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet. CAM aims to expand its geographical scope and plans on establishing a branch office in the United States to be in close proximity with technology companies and other prospective customers.

CAM also seeks to strengthen its presence in Asia with additional factories in Malaysia and Myanmar to complement its facilities in Shanghai, Dongguan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Partnerships with distributors are also avenues for CAM to expand its sales network. “There are many companies that claim to manufacture precision parts and moulds, but not everyone can mass-produce and still maintain good quality. CAM can do all that and more,” says director and executive officer Ken Hirukawa.