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NGO recovers thousands for maids in Singapore

by January 23, 2018 General

The Center for Domestic Employees (CDE), a humanitarian charity group for domestic workers in Singapore, has revealed that it took in 607 cases in 2017, an increase from 517 the year before.

The largest number of cases were salary disputes, making up around 15% of the total, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Over the past two years, the CDE recovered more than S$113,668 (US$86,250) in unpaid salary, one of which involved an outstanding sum of S$15,000, the highest amount owed in a single case.

Victimized maids should seek assistance as early as possible, as it could become difficult to recover unpaid salaries when cases drag on too long, or the sum is too big, said CDE chairman Yeo Guat Kwang.

The center also encouraged employers to raise the insurance coverage for their foreign domestic workers. Currently, the minimum requirement for medical insurance is S$15,000, which the CDE thinks is too low given the health-care costs in Singapore.

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