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NowConfer to Change the Future of Conferencing on-the-move

by August 22, 2017 General

SINGAPORE, August 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Making a call on mobile phone is easy today, but what about making a conference call? Conference calling has been around for decades, but continues to remain complicated for most users. It is even harderwhen one isout of office, and has limited access toIT infrastructure. Comverg Technologies Pte Ltd introduces a conferencing solution; NowConfer, a disruptive, unified audio and video conferencing app, which also includes collaboration functionalities like chat and file sharing on the mobile.

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Comverg Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based start-up has revolutionized the conferencing and meeting solutions space with the latest release of NowConfer 3.0. This version integrates completely with digital world; via single sign-on, automatic conference recording on preferred cloud storage platforms, and integration with favorite productivity tools. NowConfer makes conference calling easy for the hyper-mobile working professional.

Single sign-on enables super-fast setup, making the user experience faster and smoother, for the ‘on-the-move’ professional. Integration with productivity tools such as Slack enables access to NowConfer features and notifications. Integration with cloud storage platforms such as DropBox or Google Drive makes call recordings available to the user for later use.

Since its launch in May 2017, NowConfer has been downloaded over 40,000 times in 59 countries. There have been conference calls from over 20 countries on NowConfer every day. NowConfer has already risen in popularity on the Android app store, and intends to be a dominant player in the conferencing category on the Google Play store . NowConfer is also available on iOS for Apple users to download.

NowConfer’s Intelligent Auto Dial-Out Technology dials all participants in one go, whicheliminates waste of time, juggling with call number, meeting bridges, PINs, and Passcodes. Just wait for your phone to ring, accept the call and you are on conference.

NowConfer’s Hybrid Calling Technology enables the use of data or voice networks for conference calls, helping to save money by smartly switching to data wherever available.

NowConfer is device, network and platform agnostic, it connects participants seamlessly using any smart connected device, over any available network be it internet, landline or mobile networks.

NowConfer, the future of conferencing on the mobile,on-the-move is here. Experience NowConfer today -Visit for more information.

About Comverg Technologies Pte Ltd:

It is a Singapore-based start-up which isfocused on communication solutions. Comverg aims to understand emerging customer needs and evolving network technologies in the Unified Communication and Collaboration space, both of which will help build solutions that can solve everyday challenges in the communication arena. Comverg is building transformative products and solutions for this rapidly-changing marketplace.

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