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NUS pilots new programme on career preparedness

by January 30, 2018 Technology

More than 260 employers from 21 industries took part in NUS Career Fest 2018; Greater focus on self-development and career exploration

The Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) introduced a pilot programme on career preparedness for undergraduates since January this year. This was announced by Professor Ho Teck Hua, NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost, who spoke at the opening ceremony of NUS Career Fest 2018, held at the NUS University Sports Centre.

About 600 NUS students are currently enrolled in the new programme known as Career Catalyst. The two-modular credit programme is offered to second and third-year undergraduates across six faculties and multi-disciplinary programmes. The programme could be extended to students from all NUS faculties in future.

Prof Ho said, The future of work in Singapore and around the world is changing rapidly. Our students need to be nimble to adapt to the changing landscape. Likewise, it is important for NUS, as a learning institution, to evolve in the way we impart knowledge, so that we can better prepare our students to be future-ready for the world.

In 2016, NUS introduced the unique foundational life skills programme, Roots & Wings, and feedback from students has been positive. This year, we introduced Career Catalyst, a new career preparation programme which was developed with input and perspectives from employers. This programme will help students kickstart their career planning early, Prof Ho added.

Career Catalyst – New Career preparation programme

Career Catalyst, which is a 12-week course, builds upon the foundational life skills programme Roots & Wings, which was earlier developed by NUS CFG in 2016 to equip all first-year students with the necessary soft skills, and to develop growth mindsets and greater resilience in students so as to maximise their potential in their academic journey, career pursuits and personal life.

Career Catalyst, which focuses on career planning, is a refreshed and enhanced programme that aims to guide students in designing their personalised career roadmaps and equip them with the essential skills to effectively market their personal marque for career success through three dimensions: Knowing Yourself, Building Your Brand and Telling Your Story.

In ensuring that this programme is pertinent and responds to real-time industry trends, NUS CFG has incorporated inputs and perspectives of employers into workshops and e-seminars, covering topics such as the future of jobs, employability skills and personal branding. Students will have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-life scenarios, by networking with business professionals and attending industry events.

Ms Joan Tay, Director of NUS CFG, said, NUS CFG acts as a facilitator in their career preparation process by motivating students to start thinking early about how they can build their career. This will help steer our students in the right direction to prepare for a workplace that is evolving constantly.

For more information on Career Catalyst, please refer to:

A refreshed and more engaging NUS Career Fest 2018

This year, NUS CFG expanded the annual career fair and renamed it as NUS Career Fest 2018. Held over two days on 30 January and 2 February 2018, the annual event features more than 260 employers offering about 4,000 job opportunities in 21 industries such as financial services, retail and hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, infocomm, as well as chemicals and energy. This year’s event is the university’s largest career fair to date and participating employers include Airbus, Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Ltd, Uniqlo, Singapore Airlines Limited and Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd.

NUS CFG has also refreshed its approach to focus more on self-development and career exploration, in addition to providing students with job avenues and opportunities to network with employers. There are more interactive features, through games and fringe activities to prime NUS students for the workforce.

More than 10,000 NUS students and alumni are expected to attend the two-day event, which continues to be an attractive platform for interactions with prospective employers and a source for internship and employment opportunities.

Life Sciences undergraduate Regina Tan, who hopes to pursue a career in either the healthcare or biotechnology industries when she graduates in May this year, said, The annual career fair is a helpful resource for job-seeking undergraduates as it brings together many companies at one location. You can get a sense of which the growing companies are and what programmes they offer. It also provides a good opportunity to network with their human resource staff or join their mailing list for future job openings. You can also conveniently deposit your resume with all the companies that you are interested in at the event.

Source: National University of Singapore