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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

OBJ On GEJ’s Failures: It Is Time For Baba To Exit Public Scene

by April 29, 2017 General

OBJ On GEJ’s Failures: It Is Time For Baba To Exit Public Scene


Speaking to popular personal development expert, Anthony Robbins, President George W. Bush said “I can’t criticize President Obama, he is my president, he is the president of the United States. I remember when Nixon was impeached I thought this man destroyed the American democracy, destroyed the presidency, destroyed the reputation, but you know what I discovered when I became president? The office is bigger than the occupant.”  

The office of President of Nigeria derives it’s powers from the people of Nigeria and any attempt to disparage the person of the occupant of such an office is an insult on the sensibilities of over 180million Nigerians.

Indeed the office [of President of Nigeria] is bigger than the occupants because we have three arms of government and even Obasanjo is no exception, but to single out Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and heap all the blame for Nigeria’s woes of almost 60 years on him is a tired line that Nigerians will not buy any longer.

Specific actions or failure to act can be criticized but to attempt to reduce a complete person to an object of caricature is unacceptable in AFRICA’S most populous country, and it is even more unacceptable when such criticism comes from a man who has held same office and whose failures are still with us to this day.

If Nigeria Has failed to fulfil her enormous potentials, then Obasanjo is more responsible for the state of affairs than any other former leader, having held office longer than any other person. The  Obasanjos of this world would do well to look to China, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai to see what Nigeria could have been and tender unreserved apologies to the suffering masses that have been driven into poverty in ever increasing numbers from 1978, when he served as military Head of State, while China has taken over 400million people out of extreme poverty.

Since the time of Obasanjo’s first coming, China has transformed itself into a  manufacturing hub, while Nigeria cannot even provide power for 24hours, leaving even the smallest households to rely on generators. Obasanjo should first explain to Nigerians what happened to the 16billion dollars he spent in the scam called National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) before making himself into a measuring tape for who is big enough to occupy the office of President.

Obasanjo, who served as petroleum minister for 8years and couldn’t fix the basic issue of adequate and steady supply of products to consumers talk more of fixing the parody of the largest producer of crude being a perennial importer of the refined products, cannot be a good judge of who is qualified to occupy the office of petroleum minister. It is easy for him to criticize the inevitable failings of his successors, but he cannot deny that he crafted and ran the very system that he condemns today.

Great leadership isn’t about baseless criticisms of others but doing something yourself, and Obasanjo, more than any other Nigerian has had the opportunities to right the wrongs that ail Nigeria and failed woefully to better the lot of the average Nigerian.

While he goes about brazenly calling others corrupt, he pretends that the Otta Farms, Bells University and his Presidential library were acquired with legitimate earnings.

It is on record that despite expending hundreds of billions of Naira on road construction, the Jonathan administration he today disparages actually inherited a Benin – Ore road that wasn’t motorable, but today those who ply that route have a different story to tell. The whole world knows that President Jonathan revived the NIPP which Obasanjo created but poorly planned and corruptly executed: the Honourable Ndudi Elumelu committee report of the house of  Representatives would still be available for  a posterity  to refer to. Projects like the Geregu plant, Kashimbilla Dam amongst others were due to Jonathan’s commitment.

The big question is whether President Jonathan was answerable to Obasanjo or the teeming masses of Nigeria, that led him to part ways with him as he said for failing to follow his instructions. It is clear that Obasanjo and other principalities perpetually delight in holding Nigerians in utter disregard and don’t factor them into their thinkings when they play their power struggle games. It is clear that for Nigeria to make progress, we must purge our political class of mercenaries who will trade up our aspirations to remain relevant in the corridors of power.

We do not need men who try to play God in determining the best solution for us when they themselves are the problem. As shown over the years and decades by Nigerians who Excel all over the world, there is nothing inherently wrong with the Nigerian DNA but it is a failure of leadership by Obasanjo and his class that deprives us of our own Phillip Emeagwali at home. Rather than play God over the rest of us mortal Nigerians, Obasanjo should exit the scene quietly; we have been raped and abused enough we don’t need to be reminded of our wounds by those who injured us in the first place.

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