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Oil leak in compressor causes train fault in Singapore

by August 16, 2016 General

SINGAPORE, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) — The leak of freon gas from a train’s air-conditioning system, which has led to thick smoke at the metro station in Singapore, was caused by an oil leak in the train’s air-conditioning compressor, said Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan in Parliament on Tuesday.

According to Khaw, preliminary investigations found that the oil leak resulted in the compressor overheating, which then caused the freon gas evaporating.

He added that as the affected train was about 20 years old, which is “the trouble with old parts.”

Khaw said engineers will check the compressor to confirm the problem.

Heavy smoke was seen from a train at Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar metro station Monday afternoon, which has caused public fear of a possible terror attack.

In a media statement issued on Monday, train operator SMRT said the smoke was due to a leak of freon gas from the train’s air-conditioning system, and the discharge of freon into the train tunnel “reduced visibility in parts of the station” when the platform screen doors were opened for passengers to leave the train.