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Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Penang Free School’s oldest alumni celebrate lifelong friendship of 70 years

by October 23, 2016 General

Datuk Dr Peter C. Vanniasingham and Dr Lee Chin Thuan attended Penang Free School’s 200th year celebration. ― Bernama picDatuk Dr Peter C. Vanniasingham and Dr Lee Chin Thuan attended Penang Free School’s 200th year celebration. ― Bernama picGEORGE TOWN, Oct 23 ― True friendship aptly described the heart warming story of two Penang Free School alumni, Datuk Dr Peter C. Vanniasingham, 91, and his best friend, Dr Lee Chin Thuan, 91, that has lasted for more than seven decades despite war and racial tension.

Their path had crossed back in 1939 when both were 14 years old in Penang Free School as students.

“We met when we were in Standard six here in this school and until now, our riendship still remain as close as before. It is not hard to maintain the friendship as we have been together during ups and downs,” said Dr Lee and Dr Peter when met during the PFS bicentennial celebration.

Being proud of their alma mater in celebrating its 200th year birthday, both of the successful doctors had urged all students to maintain the good name of the school.

“Back then, all of us are friends regardless of our background. All of us strived to be successful and we are proud to be part of the history,” said Dr Lee.

The duo had entwined a friendship that has lasted for a lifetime, having bonded and studied together until both became successful doctors ever since they were classmates.

Dr Lee and Dr Peter had both finished school in PFS together and had together pursued their studies in medicine in Singapore and became professionals in their respective fields.

“He was my best friend before and now. We had shared so many sweet and sour times together, it is impossible for me to just forget once we have our own family,” said Dr Peter.

Despite living thousands of miles apart, Dr Lee who is now residing in Australia with his family, is in constant communication with his dear friend Dr Peter who lives in Penang.

“How can I forget a friend who has stood by me since I was a little boy to medical college in Singapore and went to the working world together?,” said Dr Lee.

The two “grand old gentlemen” are the oldest alumni, who were present during the celebration and were seen entering and leaving the ceremony together in the rarest sight, hand-in-hand as only best friends would do. ― Bernama