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Plan to limit size of Melbourne skyscrapers needed, State Government says

by April 25, 2016 General

Proposed planning controls limiting the size of Melbourne’s city skyscrapers will ensure sustainable growth in the CBD, the State Government has said.

Under the proposal to be unveiled today, any building exceeding Government height restrictions will have to prove it will provide special value to the city.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne said the proposed building requirements were necessary.

“Housing density in the CBD of Melbourne [is] now greater than some of our Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong,” he said.

“These controls are needed to ensure Melbourne continues to develop in a sustainable way.”

But building industry groups said height restrictions would stifle building development in the city and would lead developers to invest in other states.

Mr Wynne denied this would happen.

“Sydney has got more height restrictive controls than we have here in Melbourne. So let’s have the community conversation about this,” he said.

He said the proposal would be assessed by an independent panel and the Government would make a decision in September.