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Police Advisory On Fake Singapore Police Force (SPF) Website

by January 12, 2019 Industry

The Police would like to alert the public of a re-emergence of the Police Impersonation scam, involving fake SPF website phishing for confidential information.

Victims typically receive calls from scammers claiming that they are the holders of bank accounts with large amounts of money and are suspected of being involved in criminal activities such as money laundering. The victims are then given a link to a website that resembles the SPF website. Subsequently, the victims are asked to provide confidential information such as credit card details and internet banking credentials on the fake SPF website, purportedly for investigation purposes.

Such websites are actually phishing sites in disguise, designed to extract useful personal information and banking details from unsuspecting victims, resulting in extensive monetary losses. The screenshots below show the fake E-Services pages where such illicit phishing activities were perpetrated.

Source: Singapore Police Force