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Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

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by December 28, 2017 General
  • Singapore, india, singapore economy, unemployment rate
    What can India learn from Singapore

    What can India learn from Singapore, the multi-ethnic, multi-religious state.

  • technical, bureaucratic, secretary in central and state government ministries, animal husbandry, finance, public health, infrastructure, communication, social welfare, transportation
    Most ministers and babus seldom have the technical know-how required of their roles

    The only technical or domain expertise that most ministries boast of is carefully preserved in reams of files zealously guarded by hoards of clerks, section or desk officers, assistant directors, etc.

  • Elphinstone bridge collapse, Elphinstone bridge collapse tragedy, Bailey bridge, indian army, Elphinstone Road, Western Railway, Railways, Dadar-end bridge at Parel station, India Bulls
    Elphinstone Road station tragedy: Bailey bridge to the rescue, but it won’t be easy

    Army Engineers would have to assemble not only support columns at each end and intermediate locations, but also provide staircase—the whole works.

  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian Railways
    Maximum city, minimum patience

    Mumbaikars, in their daily rush to and from their work locations, rely heavily on the local trains.

  • derailment, derailment news, derailment latest news, latest derailment news, train derailment, indian railways, railway derailment
    What set Indian Railways on path towards derailment? Find out here

    Past acts of commision and ommission are now fast catching up with the Railways, and it will be a long and slow struggle before the health of its assets is regained

  • indian railways, railways, suresh prabhu, suresh prabhu news, suresh prabhu freight transport, indian railways frieght, industry, india, opinion, financial express
    Suresh Prabhu- led Indian Railways is providing safe and fast rail transport for freight; here’s how

    Suresh Prabhu, the minister of railways, is a man in a tearing hurry. For he has to make up for the lack of any significant addition over the last two decades to the infrastructure of this 65,000-km-long network.

  • SAIL, Indian Railways, SAIL supplies , Railway Board, Parliament, Universal Rail Mill at Bhilai Steel Plant, Vishnu Deo Sai, 
    Railway trains from Bhilai steel plant can make Maoists, Naxals infested Bastar bloom

    Bordered in the by Nagpur-Raipur Railway line, in the east by Raipur-Rayagada line, in the south by Rayagada-Koraput-Jagdalpur-Kirandul line and on the west by Nagpur-Kazipet line is a huge swathe of Indian peninsula devoid of any railway network.

  • For Indian Railways, a dedicated freight corridor has a long way to go

    The need for for the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) arose from the fact that two decades of populist Rail Budgets had ended up introducing 5,000 new passenger trains, crowding out the freight, whose average speed had dropped to an abysmal 25kph.

  • Kolkata Metro: The oldest metro rail system in India shows signs it will pick up pace

    In spite of a head-start of more than three decades, the Kolkata Metro has lagged behind its younger sibling, the Delhi Metro.

  • To ensure food security, it is time to revisit the mega food park model in India

    A maximum grant of R50 crore is given for setting up a MFP, in minimum 50 acres of contiguous land with only 50% contribution to the total project cost.

  • Coal auction
    How Indian Railways will help Coal India achieve mammoth 1 bn tonne 2020 target

    Multiple joint ventures by Indian Railways with states and PSUs in mineral-rich areas bode well for coal, iron-ore production and logistics

  • Tracking Indian Railways: Decisions based on gut reaction can lead to costly mistakes

    Unfortunately, the present set of statistical data, collected often on an yearly basis, is mostly to evaluate operational performance

  • mamata banerjee
    Kolkata Metro & RVNL: Network set for quantum jump, time for Mamata to remove obstacles

    With a pan India presence, RVNL has a team of no less than 27 chief project managers located at various cities.

  • Indian railways, Indian railways website, Indian railways info, Indian Railways news,,,, rail budget 2016, rail budget 2016-17
    Reservation charts & printed tickets in your railway journey may soon be things of past!

    Reservation charts and printed tickets in the Indian Railway universe may soon be things of the past

  • Binding India with ribbons of steel

    Slowly but surely, the Northeast is getting connected to the rest of India

  • rail fare, rail fare hike, rail fare in Budget 2016, rail fare increase, railways fare hike, railways fare hike, railways fare increase, railways fare in Budget 2016
    Railway Budget 2016: Suresh Prabhu’s time to deliver now

    Railway Budget 2016:The most important part of the minister’s speech was the setting up of
    seven missions for attaining key long-term objectives for Indian Railways

  • INDIAN railways
    For Indian Railways, the customer must always come first

    With the rail network no longer being the preferred mode of transport for the cost-conscious private sector, all stops must be pulled to get them on board.

  • The dawn of a new rail era

    Bullet trains will help save on the nation’s fuel bill, reduce air pollution, road congestion and connected accidents

  • Scripting a change

    Suresh Prabhu had last year embarked on a crusade to revamp Indian Railways on a massive scale, and in the process has been removing whatever obstacles may come in the way, a virtual ‘Vighnaharta’.

  • Suresh Prabhu on fast track

    The minister has given a major push for doubling, gauge conversion and other initiatives to build track capacity so that the logjam on some of the key sections can be removed. He is also focusing on improving passenger amenities

  • Ircon, a Navratna in the making

    Spreading its wings, the Miniratna has been successfully completing rail, road, metro works and is constructing multifunctional complex buildings

  • Operation ‘bootstrap’ for the Railways

    In a move that could be a game-changer, a new Indian Railways General Management Service may come into being very soon in order to keep a check on the virus of departmentalism which has been its bane for over two decades.

  • Introducing competition in Indian Railways

    In Europe, a large number of private operators have entered the railway system and have changed the way people commute by train

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