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Presentation of Credentials, 26 September 2019

by September 26, 2019 General

The following foreign Heads of Mission presented their credentials to President Halimah Yacob in separate ceremonies at the Istana today:

(a) The Ambassador of the Republic of Benin

His Excellency Makarimi Abissola Adechoubou

(b) The Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Her Excellency Rosario Portell Casanova

(c) The Ambassador of Burkina Faso

His Excellency Pascal Batjobo

Their bio summaries are attached.

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26 September 2019



Adechoubou is a development finance expert with over 25 years of experience in financial inclusion and rural development issues. Between 1995 and 2015, he worked at the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). Earlier in his career, Adechoubou was a Director of the Caisse Locales de Credit Agricole Mutuel (CLCAM) � Caisse Regionales de Credit Agricole Mutuel (CRCAM) Network at the FaA�tiAre des Caisse d’Epargne et de Credit Agricole Mutuel (FECECAM-BENIN).

Adechoubou is concurrently Benin’s Ambassador to Japan (from December 2017 to date), Indonesia (from November 2018 to date), New Zealand (from January 2019 to date) and Australia (from February 2019 to date).

Adechoubou graduated from the University of Abidjan, CAte d’Ivoire with a degree in Sociology of Development. He also studied Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Financing at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Rosario Portell Casanova

Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to Singapore

Rosario Portell Casanova was born in Canelones, Uruguay, on January 31st, 1969. She is currently the Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and has held the post since 2018. She was previously Advisor to the Vice President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (2017 to 2018) and Senator (2015 to 2017) Lucia Topolansky.

Portell’s first posting as Ambassador was to the People’s Republic of China from 2010 to 2015. From 2013 to 2015, she was also designated as Non-Resident Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to Mongolia. Portell was the Deputy Director General for International Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay from 2005 to 2008. During this period, she was also Uruguay’s National Representative to the UN overseeing peacekeeping operations in Congo and Haiti.

Portell received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay.



Batjobo is a career diplomat who was previously the Director General of Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Burkina Faso Citizens Abroad from October 2013 to November 2017.

Batjobo is concurrently Burkina Faso’s Ambassador to Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Batjobo graduated from the University of Paris XI with a Degree in Advanced Studies in Diplomacy and Administration of International Organizations in the Faculty of Law. Batjobo also obtained his Post Graduate Degree in the University Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris 1.

Batjobo is also the recipient of two honorific distinctions:

i. Knight of the Burkina Faso National Order in 2014.

ii. Knight of the Order of Saint Charles of the Principality of Monaco in 2017.

Batjobo is married with a daughter.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore