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Qi Yuwu the comedy actor?

by April 19, 2016 General

Qi is, of course, a family man now. — TODAY picQi is, of course, a family man now. — TODAY picSINGAPORE, April 19 — Actor Qi Yuwu may have received his All-Time Favourite Artiste Award on Sunday night, but he believes he still has more to offer — specifically, in the field of comedy.

“I’ve always thought I could be a comedian, but no one has discovered my talent all these years,” the poker-faced actor quipped when reporters asked if he came up with the jokes in his acceptance speech himself.

During the ceremony, Qi made digs at his career, saying that he acted very well as a tree spirit during Star Search in 1999, because “I was so wooden”.

The 39-year-old also acknowledged those who have supported him in his career, adding that he has found a home in Singapore.

Speaking to reporters backstage after receiving his award, Qi, who is also filming in Beijing, said he hoped to continue working in Singapore.

“I will choose the projects that interest me. In the beginning when I first came to Singapore, I wanted people to get to know me so I took many projects. But now I want to focus on quality over quantity,” he said, adding: “Sometimes when you work too much, you don’t have time for life, which is quite sad for an actor.”

Qi is, of course, a family man now: His actress wife Joanne Peh gave birth to their daughter last year. Incidentally, Peh won her 10th Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award on Sunday night, which means she will join her husband in receiving her own All-Time Favourite Artiste Award next year.

“I am glad that my fans no longer have to spend so much money and time voting for me. I feel bad that they have to spend so much (money on voting). Also, they no longer have to feel nervous (about whether I get in) and, like me, can find peace. I am happy for them,” Peh told reporters backstage.

The actress, who is also currently shooting a travelogue, also said it was difficult deciding to leave her daughter, nicknamed Baby Qi, at home when she travelled for work.

“It was a very tough decision, but then I thought about it and we have to learn how to be apart,” she said. 

“Many of my colleagues have also gone through the same process. Maybe the knowledge that her mum won’t always be with her will also be good for her.” — TODAY