Quang Ninh: Co To island district enforces single-use plastic ban for tourists


Tourists to Co To island district of Quang Ninh province will be banned from bringing plastic bags and single-use plastic products to its islands from September 15.

This mandatory requirement has been announced by the authorities of the island district, one year after Co To encouraged local people and tourists not to use single-use plastic items. The decision is aimed at curbing plastic waste and marine pollution.

Administrative bodies, schools, markets, businesses, and fishing vessels in the island district will be prohibited from using plastic bags and disposable plastic items.

The island district has established a monitoring team at the Co To wharf, so that not only locals and tourists but also passenger and cargo ships that do not comply with this regulation will not be allowed to dock at the wharf.

Every year, Co To island district welcomes 6,000-8,000 tourists. Before piloting the halt of single-use plastics, on peak tourist season days, environmental companies had to collect a huge amount of waste, from 15-17 tonnes per day. The amount of waste from tourism also puts a burden on the island district’s environment.

Therefore, stopping the use of single-use plastic items in Co To island district will contribute to revitalising the marine environment and developing a sustainable form of tourism here./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency