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Rafizi still wrong about MRT1 cost, claims BN

by December 28, 2016 General

PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional says Rafizi Ramli has got it wrong again over claims that the MRT1 project cost twice as much as similar projects in Spain and South Korea.

In a statement on Wednesday, its strategic communications team alleged that the Pandan MP had sourced the information from a blog.

“He alleged that the Barcelona Sants-La Sagrera MRT project cost US$39mil (RM174mil) per km, the Seoul Line 9 MRT project cost US$43mil (RM192mil) per km while Malaysia’s MRT1 cost US$103mil (RM461mil) per km.

“It appears that YB Rafizi had taken his information from an anonymous WordPress blog called ‘Pedestrian Observations’,” Barisan said in the statement.

According to Barisan, the blog had listed various construction costs of transit systems around the world, of which many were more expensive compared to Malaysia’s MRT1 project.

“It appears that YB Rafizi had taken the two lowest cost per km entries in that blog – the Seoul and Barcelona lines – for this use in his latest allegation.

“The anonymous blog itself had warned its readers not to rely on its data ‘as large errors crop up’.

“Unfortunately, YB Rafizi ignored this warning and had used this info in an official press conference in yet another failed attempt to accuse the Government,” they said.

Barisan said that “more authoritative sources”, namely the Korean Development Institute and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, had put down the price of the Seoul Line 9 MRT as US$152mil (RM680mil) per km and US$105mil (RM470mil) per km respectively.

Furthermore, Barisan said the MRT1 project was not as expensive than transit projects “closer to home” such as Singapore’s downtown line, which its government reported as costing US$340mil (RM1.5bil) per km.

“Whereas the LRT project from Komtar to the Penang Airport was reported to cost RM257.14mil per km or US$64mil per km.

“If YB Rafizi still believes that the higher capacity underground Seoul MRT project cost US$43mil per km, he should question the DAP Penang Government why their smaller capacity above ground LRT project cost 50% more at US$64mil per km,” said Barisan.

Since the launch of the MRT1, Rafizi has been highly vocal about the project and raising his concern regarding its price tag and how it would be financed.