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Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Receipt of revolution

by April 20, 2016 General

Then a country is locked by its leaders under a husk of impurity, inequality, corruption, false democracy and losing of the public fund, people of such nation find out very fundamental to stand up and make a difference. The patriotic thinkers always project that such a government embedded with such leadership will always destabilize the plan for national development and put their prior interest at fore. Indeed, one will realize that with reference to some global experience that leadership with such a characteristics will apart from destabilizing national development and it will also inject opium of hate, conflict and disagreement among its subject.

Fortunately, when subject of such leadership get to realized and mindfully uncover shrouded acts of their leader’s spirit of patriotism, search for self independence and grieve forced them to stand and change the quo in their possible ability no matter what, Just like how French people in 1879 stand up against social and leadership injustice, so Nigerians fight back to long time impurity and imposition. They unite despite their differences in culture, language, ethnicity, religion, social status and ideology to pull force together and ensure they free the pocket of the public fund free themselves from imposition of leaders by the ruling party. It was successful and the integral part of the victory is the personality that adequately replaces the impurity with justice, imposition with balance appointment, looting with Treasury Single Account (T.S.A) System, corruption with transparency, false democracy with internationally accepted democratic process.

However, as African proverb says no success without suffering but patience is the key. This proverb is the phrase that needs to be singed to all Nigerians at the moment. It could be recommended during the time of swearing-in of Muhammadu Buhari he appealed to Nigerians that what they did during election is a starting point considering the fact that the country has been totally out of organization and management and that the immediate past administration has laid a crucial background for the revolution, hence, the need for patience, commitment and patriotism. Even the revolution in Russia and France, people experienced synonymous situation to the existing in Nigeria but the key to their overall victory was patience.

The revolution we saw is not to be reaped at recent but a long time expectation which demands extra ordinary patience, prayers and collaborations. Our traditional leaders, Emirs, Onis, Sarkis and Shehus who supported the move of the revolution should know that only the first phase is over, whereas the current phase is the most difficult in taste and experience hence, the need for them to come up and build the spirit of patience, compatriotism and doughtiness in their people in all aspect, support the leadership we upheld with our votes to mantle of leadership.

However, no leadership will deliberately deploy amount of suffering for its people, but what happen when the leadership arrive at the spot when the whole nation has been disorganized, administration mismanaged, public fund looted, government institutions adulterated with pangs of corruption and bribery, surely the government will have to draft master plan for its way out. President Muhammadu Buhari might have predicted the amount of work waiting from that he made the statement “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody” to lay open mind background for anybody who have mind of sabotaging the revolution effort of Nigerians. Moreover, Nigeria is ours and all other individuals who think Nigeria is meant for them, let them know that henceforth no amount of richness, political power, traditional title or any known social status will guarantee them freedom to face the wrath of the law over their deeds. As Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (E.F.C.C) rise up to arrest and trail of suspected individuals before the court of law, among which some are politicians, military, police, businessmen and others President Muhammadu Buhari has not also sit to watch as he visit more than twenty (20) countries all in bid to resuscitate the loss fund and integrity of the government image at the global scene. Another victory of this change is the person occupying the second citizenship, Professor Yemi Osinbajo who shares similar ideology with the president, it is indication that the revolution is sustainable.

Then, when we had such leadership what do we do? Do we fold our hands and seat on word chairs and snort like tiredly old people? Do we stand up to support their efforts? Are we committed to finish what we have started, are we prepared enough to make a better Nigeria like Singapore, United States, England, U.A.E and other developed countries? If we are then what do we do?

Nafisa Abdullahi is a 300 level student from the Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri.