Response to ST Online’s Forum Letter on “Achieving positive NS experience”


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Posted: 02 Jul 2014, 1630 hours (GMT +8)

Response to ST Online’s Forum Letter on “Achieving positive NS experience”

MINDEF and the SAF place strong emphasis on safety and well-being of servicemen

We thank Mr Lee Heng Sun for his ST Online letter, “Achieving positive NS experience” dated 28 Jun 14.

MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have always emphasised the importance of safety and well-being of our servicemen. All incidents are carefully and thoroughly reviewed by independent and transparent investigations to determine root causes and for safety measures to be further enhanced. Besides including “Safety” as a key organisational Core Value, there is within the SAF a strong emphasis on safety education in leadership schools, where commanders are kept up-to-date on the requisite safety knowledge for training and operations. Commanders are also supported by Formation and Unit Safety Officers on the ground to enforce safety standards and enhance training safety. 

MINDEF and the SAF also ensure that there are channels where servicemen could turn to, which include safety and counselling hotlines to seek advice, feedback and support.

We would like to assure Mr Lee that MINDEF and the SAF will continue to improve our systems and processes towards a positive NS experience.

Ng Ying Thong (Colonel)
Assistant Chief of General Staff (Training)
Singapore Armed Forces

MINDEF’s reply was published as “Strong emphasis on safety, well-being of servicemen”, Straits Times, 02 Jul 14

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