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Friday, September 25th, 2020

Retired Australian couple travelling across the world celebrates New Brunswick

by April 27, 2017 General

An Australian couple traveling the world in their adventure van made their way to New Brunswick this week and plan to take a little piece of the province home in their hearts.

John and Lynda Pinder rolled into Alma on Thursday morning searching for yet another worldly adventure.

The couple has spent the past 12 years travelling the globe living out a retirement dream.

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“Every day is different we never know where we are going to end up we never know who we are going to meet” said John, who said this is the first time the pair has been in New Brunswick.

Their first impressions: “All the lovely pretty little fishing villages and little painted houses and it’s really cute like that and everybody is so friendly,” said Lynda.

The couple, who have been married for 42 years, ran an auto parts salvage business in Australia before they retired and hit the road for six months of every year.

So John said it seemed fitting to commemorate their adventures by collecting license plates from all over the world.

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“It was fun going into scrap yards and getting them, and just about every one of them tells a story”

They’ve travelled all over the globe including South America, Central America, Alaska, Singapore, China, and all over Europe.

John says the plates are mostly a reminder of the people they meet along the way.

Their van is equipped with a double bed, a small kitchenette and runs on diesel and solar power.

They say they manage to afford to travel six months of the year by cooking most of their own food, camping out in parking lots and by “having deep pockets and short arms,” John joked.

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Their secret to a happy retirement living in such a tiny space is take it one step at a time, keep your family close to your heart and embrace the adventure of life.

“You certainly see a lot of different stuff and different ideas,” said John.

Like the local fishermen they met at the wharf in Alma loading up their traps who gave the couple a New Brunswick plate to add to their collection.

“They realized that we didn’t have one for New Brunswick so they presented us with one,” said John, who promptly fastened it to the outside of their van.

“Next we are going to PEI back into Nova Scotia, up to Newfoundland and then we are shipping the truck off to Iceland…” with a little piece of New Brunswick riding along with them.