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Riau Andalan Cooperative gains intellectual property rights for 5 batik patterns…

by November 19, 2016 General

Andalan Cooperative in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, has further helped improve the local batik industry by gaining the intellectual property rights for five patterns inspired by nature, fruits and leaves commonly found in the area.

The patterns are bono (a 10-meter wave seen in the Kampar River in December), the rights of which was obtained last year; eucalyptus leaf, acacia leaf, lakum (grape-lookalike endemic fruit) and timun suri (a type of cucumber), the rights of which were obtained this year.

“With this, people cannot claim the patterns as theirs,” said Hari Fitri Rahmadhani, one of the cooperative members, on Wednesday.

The cooperative has been making batik since 2013, when nearby paper and pulp maker PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper – the second-largest producer in the country – trained locals on how to increase their household income as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program.

The company trained, lent Rp 50 million (US$3,759) and provided a shop-house to open the Bono Andala souvenir and snack shop to sell the cooperative products, including the handmade batik and paint-based batik.

Thirty-year-old Fitri said the cooperative had returned the initial capital to the firm and was able to pay operational fees as well as earn profit through the sales from customized orders as well as on-the-spot purchases at the shop.

“Our regular clients include the local administration, nearby companies and companies’ guests from Singapore, among others,” the mother of three said.

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