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Royal flight

by January 21, 2018 General

From The Nepali Press

Royal flight

Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation, which is already in a financial mess, suffered further loss when its Boeing chauffeured the king to Jakarta on his royal visit. The king’s trip to Jakarta and Singapore affected international flights for a full week. Since the other Boeing 757 was grounded, the airline couldn’t operate any of its flights to 10 international destinations. The 757 flew with royal visitors on 20 April. On 21 April, it flew back empty to Kathmandu for six hours 35 minutes. On 22 April, it flew empty to Jakarta for five hours and 50 minutes and headed for Hainan, China, with the royal entourage before flying back empty to Kathmandu for five hours. On 25 April, it flew to China without passengers for four hours 35 minutes. On 26 April, it headed out to Singapore from Hainan with the king. On 27 April, it returned empty to Kathmandu in five hours five minutes. On 28 April, it reached Singapore empty in five hours five minutes and returned to Kathmandu with the royal family on 29 April. Before the king’s visit, the RNAC had conducted test flights for one hour 25 minutes. Total number of useless hours flown: 53 hours 40 minutes and that’s not counting the many hours it spent at various airports waiting on the tarmac.