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Rundown South Yarra house sells for $400,000 over reserve

by June 11, 2016 General
33a Clara Street, South Yarra.33a Clara Street, South Yarra. Photo: Supplied

33A Clara Street, South Yarra

Sold $1.5 million Agent Paul Castran Price range $1 million+

This rundown two-bedroom house sold for $400,000 above the vendor’s reserve. Auctioneer Paul Castran described the renovator’s delight as a classic example of the worst house in the best street. A man wearing sunglasses opened bidding at $900,000 and a second hopeful buyer stepped forward with $1 million. At $1.27 million, four bidders were in the race. A man on the phone locked horns with the original buyer, later revealed to be bidding on behalf of a client, also in the crowd. When the auction ran out of steam at $1.4 million, Mr Castran went inside to consult the vendors in Singapore. He returned to announce the 141-square-metre property was on the market and the original buyer said he was out. Fresh bidding from two new prospective buyers emerged at $1,411,00 and $1,412,000. The man on the phone persisted until $1,422,300, when one of the late-entrants, an investor, threw him off balance with a knockout bid of $1.5 million. Mr Castran said the same property passed in at $1.18 million about a year ago, when it was listed with another agent. Christina Zhou  

63 Through Road, Camberwell.63 Through Road, Camberwell. Photo: Supplied

163 Through Road, Camberwell

Sold $1,302,000 Agent Fletchers Price range About $1.2 million

On a cold, wet morning, the auction of this renovated art deco home with a blue-ribbon address took a while to warm up. Auctioneer Tim Heavyside vowed there would be no vendor bids, so he persisted as prospective buyers played their cards close. Bidding opened at $1.1 million, followed by an interlude to chat with the vendor. On return, the competition finally got rolling, with three bidders in contention, inching the property in $10,000 increments to its $1.3 million reserve. The opening bidder, a woman with an umbrella at the ready, snatched it from a rival with a $1000 bid. Emily Power 

3 Randolph Street, Hawthorn.3 Randolph Street, Hawthorn. Photo: Supplied

3 Randolph Street, Hawthorn

Sold $2,065,000 Agent Jellis Craig Price range $1.8 million-$2 million

About 40 onlookers braved the winter chill and were enlightened by auctioneer Peter Vigano as to why Randolph Street’s period properties occupy sharply angled allotments (city planners in 1900 insisted that blocks line up with the course of the Yarra). The sale began briskly with one woman offering $1.7 million. This was met by a $1.75 million vendor bid, then three other parties stepped up. On the market at $2,005,000, the double-fronted Edwardian sold for $2,065,000 to a late-bidding couple with a thrilled young boy in tow. The three-bedroom house, on a 347-square-metre block, has a funky contemporary extension by Habitat Architecture. Chris Tolhurst 

83 Fulham Road, Alphington.83 Fulham Road, Alphington. Photo: Supplied

83 Fulham Road, Alphington

Passed in $2.83 million Agent Nelson Alexander Price range $2.5 million-$2.7 million

Complimentary coffee, fairy floss and music kept an impressive crowd of about a hundred entertained at the auction of this five-bedroom house on Saturday – but the area quietened once the bidding began. Auctioneer Spiros Karagiannidis called for a $2.5 million starting offer, which he got. The competition, then, was seemingly between two parties until $2.8 million, which was referred. Two new bidders joined the fray when the auction resumed, with bids increasing by as little as $500. The house passed in to one of the first bidders for $2.83 million — a value said to be very close to the reserve. Marc Pallisco 

92 Speight Street, Thornbury92 Speight Street, Thornbury Photo: Supplied

92 Speight Street, Thornbury

Sold $970,000 Agent Barry Plant Price range $800,000-$850,000

There was no need to go on about the location, because after a quick auction this rather ordinary two-bedroom weatherboard was snapped up by a neighbour. Auctioneer Luke Brizzi quickly found an $800,000 offer from a man when he asked for one, and a woman who lives next door put her hand up, too. Twenty people watched as both parties made five bids each. At $970,000 the property, which is currently a rental, was on the market. It sold for that price to the neighbour. The block comes with a planning permit for two townhouses. Jayne D’Arcy 

25 Hayes Road, Strathmore.25 Hayes Road, Strathmore. Photo: Supplied

​25 Hayes Road, Strathmore

Sold $1.44 million Agent Barry Plant Price range $1.2 million-$1.32 million

Who needs five bedrooms, an indoor spa next to a bar and kitchen, an in-ground swimming pool and city views from the upstairs balcony? Two would-be buyers decided they did, answering auctioneer Bill Karp’s request for a rise from his $1.2 million vendor bid. The two parties continued bidding against each other, and watched the marker colour on the old school paper price board change from black to on-the-market red at $1.4 million. The house, on 617 square metres, sold for $1.44 million after one party declared they were out and going for a coffee. Jayne D’Arcy 

12b Dalgety Street, St Kilda.12b Dalgety Street, St Kilda. Photo: Supplied

12B Dalgety Street, St Kilda

Sold $1.31 million Agent Marshall White Price range $1.2 million-$1.3 million

The upmarket, three-bedroom balconied terrace is in the St Kilda Hill area, metres from where Fitzroy Street meets Lakeside Drive. Rain bucketed down but bidders’ enthusiasm wasn’t dampened. An opening offer of $950,000 was quickly met with a $1 million vendor bid and two bids later, at $1.1 million, auctioneer Michael Paproth nicked inside for instructions. Once back, three bidders were keen to seal the deal and get out of the wet, quickly driving the price to $1.31 million, when it was on the market and sold. Emily Power 

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