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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Ryan brushes aside fatigue as cause of loss

by April 16, 2016 General

VODAFONE Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan has ruled out fatigue as an excuse for losing the Singapore 7s title.

He made these comments after Fiji’s loss to Samoa 28-14 in their opening pool game yesterday.

Ryan said the boys warmed up well and had a good week in Singapore prior to the tournament.

“We can’t use fatigue as an excuse for anything that happens this week, these guys are professional rugby players, we have made changes. No hangover from Hong Kong, no fatigue,” he said.

“It is simple as that. I don’t think it is a wake-up call, the boys warmed up well we had a good week and absolutely no excuse this week and I will never start telling you whatever happens this week that fatigue has been an indicator.

“We have a good side here that is good enough to win the tournament and we need to get back and play well.”

Ryan said the team lost because of some poor passes which contributed to the loss.

“Samoa has some excellent restart, we just didn’t react quick enough. There were times where I saw the ball bounce, we could have got the extra number of course, we talked about it before the game.

“And we came second in the kick-off ultimately. When they get set-pieces like that and you cannot compete and you came second, you lose and you start playing catch up. We had couple of moments in the first-half where there were couple of poor passes which stopped our attack.

“As well our breakdowns, we didn’t work hard enough to tackle. Secondly there seemed to be too much appetite by us to win every ball that went on the floor and turnover. We need to sometimes biuta rather than just trying to go for the ball.”

Ryan said the side needed to win their remaining pool games to qualify for the elimination stages.

“So look we are not knock down of anything, we lost to those guys in Vegas, we have to beat Portugal and England to go in the quarter-finals.”

“It is simple as that, I don’t think it is a wake-up call,” he said.