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Samsung C and T potential dev partner for Bangladesh (The News Today (Bangladesh))

by August 19, 2015 Industry

Hassan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiron Singapore is well acknowledged as Emerging Tiger of Asia from economic perspective, particularly in the areas infrastructure development and employment generation. The country has proved its efficiency in business expansion, corporate governance and economic enhancement through multi sector development approach. A country of half million people now is a model of development to billion of people across the world.

Samsung C and T, a sister organization of world famous SAMSUNG Group has been contributing in advancement of modern Singapore particularly in construction center. This company started its journey in 1938 and Samsung C and T was established in 1995. Since its inception, this company gained reputation for construction of high rise building.

Their technical team earned reputation for its excellence in multi sector construction including the infrastructure development. Buruz Khalifa in UAE and PETRONAS Tower in Malaysia is the center of attraction to millions of people due to its extra ordinary features of construction. Samsung C and T also showed excellence in construction of power plant. Particularly in last 20 years, this company proved their professional efficiency in this sector. Currently more than 20 projects across the globe is being run by this company. Construction projects in UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Singapore can be treated as milestone in the history of structural development.

A gas based power station is going to be lunched soon, which is also a successful project of this company in energy sector. By this time Samsung C and T expanded its services in Bangladesh in association with Indian company Reliance and Adina Power Limited in power sector under a MoU signed with the Government of Bangladesh. Samsung C and T is also experienced in gas and fuel based plant construction. This company is also engaged in power plant project in KSA, nuclear power plant in UAE and third phase of LNG project in Singapore, where employment opportunity created for thousands of migrants, including huge number of workers from Bangladesh . Samsung C and T Company is using latest technology in the world, which is globally acknowledged and appreciated. Incheon Bridge of South Korea is also a best example of high quality construction by this company.

This company has glorious record of Railway Construction across the world and in 2013 this company won railway construction projects in KSA, Qatar and Australia. Till now this company expanded its business network in 50 countries across the globe. As employer, this company is also well reputed in addressing occupational safety and health for workers in workplace. Employment creation for the youth groups is also another success area of this company.

A good number of youth labor force from Bangladesh got employment with this company, which is an important factor for enhancement of earning remittance in Bangladesh. Now Mr. Kim Young Jin is the Head of Singapore Samsung C andT Corporation, who has long time contribution with this company in different positions.

This company emphasizes on social protection for the workers, specially the compensation for any unwanted incidents particularly the occupational accidents or illness of the workers. The people of Bangladesh may gain more benefit from expansion of its development partnership and engagement in Bangladesh in many sectors. Long term multisector partnership with this company in Bangladesh will contribute towards our sustainable economic empowerment. The Government of Bangladesh may advice Board of Investment to conduct a baseline survey to identify possible areas of investment partnership with this world famous company in Bangladesh. Even Samsung C and T can be a best example of private -public partnership. Engagement of Samsung Cand T in Bangladesh will open the door for employment generation to the thousands job seekers in Bangladesh, which will boost our economy with new dynamism.

Such initiative will be supportive to solve the emerging trafficking issue being faced by the Government and people of Bangladesh Bangladesh has historical development and cultural partnership with Singapore and from this perspective, the people of Bangladesh have strong trust on Singapore people as the best well wisher. . Currently 0.5 million Bangladesh workers are engaged in different professions in Singapore.

Bangladeshi migrant workers working with SAMSUNG C and T Company in Singapore are highly satisfied with the facilities provided by this company. Policy support and bilateral partnership between the Government of Bangladesh and Samsung C and T Company will bring a positive changes in life and livelihood of Bangladesh people. Let us work together for a productive Bangladesh, which will contribute to our national efforts to mark as country of middle income soon.