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Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

San Nicolas summer interns investigate gas price fixing on Guam

by October 14, 2016 General

Additionally, two Guam attorneys general have been asked to investigate the matter, including the current AG Elizabeth Barrett Anderson.

Guam – Are gas prices illegally fixed on Guam?  Senator Mike San Nicolas says maybe…this following evidence gathered by San Nicolas’ summer interns that question whether gas prices on Guam are fixed. San Nicolas wants the evidence investigated by the AG and even threatened to go to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and the FTC if no action is taken at the local level.



The evidence was gathered by a group of summer interns led by Christian Valencia. Because no official data sets exist for Guam gas prices over the years, Valenica and his team rummaged through years of news archives to gather pricing data for Guam. They then compared that data to gas prices in Singapore, the sole provider of gas to Guam. It is based off these comparisons along with interviews with economists and retailers, that San Nicolas says, for the first time in the history of the discussion, they have evidence that at the very least questions whether there is gas price fixing on Guam. Armed with this historical evidence, San Nicolas says they will offer the AG  a chance to pursue the matter further. San Nicolas did add that if no local action is taken, he would take the data to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Federal Trade Commission. According to the presentation, at least three separate senators have questioned the abnormally high gas prices on Guam. 


 “For us, what we would prefer is to afford our local channels the opportunity to take action, because they have been engaged in the past and perhaps when they have been engaged in the past, it was just more of an inquiry rather than acquiring some piece of data for them to sink their teeth in,“ said San Nicolas.


Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett- Anderson says, “We look forward to, and will thoroughly review the Senators material.”