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Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Second industry briefing held on KL-Singapore HSR project

by September 28, 2017 General

KUALA LUMPUR: MyHSR Corp Sdn Bhd and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore conducted a second industry briefing for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail project on Tuesday.

The briefing was attended by over 200 participants from more than 110 international organisations, which were envisioned to be directly participating in the Assets Company (AssetsCo) tender, scheduled to be launched at year-end. 

MyHSR Corp and LTA will jointly procure the AssetsCo, and emphasised that the tender will be carried out in an open and fair manner.

“The AssetsCo tender evaluation will prioritise and be weighted more heavily on the quality of the proposals (i.e. the Technical and Commercial envelopes),” according to a joint press release issued by MyHSR and LTA on Thursday. 

MyHSR and LTA also listed the procurement objective for the AssetsCo tender, which will include considerations of safety and security, availability and reliability, proven technology, operations flexibility, customer-centric design, financial sustainability, value-for-money solutions and project implementation.

“The AssetsCo, a privately-financed Assets Company, is responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining all rolling stock, as well as designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining all rail assets (e.g. track-work, power, signalling and telecommunications).

“The AssetsCo will also coordinate the system’s network capacity for operations and maintenance needs,” it said. 

The Infrastructure Companies (InfraCos) and Operators (OpCos) will make availability payments and train lease fees respectively to the AssetsCo in return for the latter making the HSR assets and trains available for the operations of the Express, Domestic and Shuttle Services.