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Shell Eco Marathon

by December 21, 2017 General

After its successful participation in Shell Eco-marathon France in 2017, NUST Ecomotive team is now aiming to participate in the 2018 edition of the competition which will be held in Singapore.
Shell Eco-marathon is a global competition in which student teams around the world participate in. Each team has to develop environmental-friendly transportation technologies keeping energy efficiency in mind. This time, the NUST Ecomotive team consists of talented individuals from various schools of NUST including SMME (School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering), SEECS (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), NBS (NUST Business School), SCME (School of Chemical and Materials Engineering), and S3H (School of Social Sciences and Humanities).
The diverse and skilled NUST Ecomotive team members work in various capacities including Technical, Non-technical, Publications, Graphics and Design as well as Marketing and Sponsorships. This well-rounded team is led by the vision of Team Manager, Haris Shahzad, and Assistant Manager, Muhammad Owais. The vehicle produced by the NUST Ecomotive team had a steel chassis along with a robust and ultra-light carbon fibre body. Other notable features included a dead man’s switch, a collision avoidance system, and an Eco-assist system.
The NUST Ecomotive team, aiming to utilize its experience from the 2017 Shell Eco Marathon and the fresh ideas of its new members, has its sights set on the Shell Eco Marathon 2018 in Singapore. For this year’s competition, the design and manufacturing of a second improved vehicle is underway so that the team may perform more impressively. However, the team is still on the lookout for more support in the form of resources to successfully execute all its objectives.
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