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Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Shipping movements

by August 24, 2017 General

These ships are expected in Malta:

The Max Limit from Durres to Rijeka, the Max Venture from Pireaus to Bar (both Sullivan Shipping), the MV Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Genoa (Sullivan Maritime) and the Alexander Maersk from Sfax to Misurata (Thomas Smith ShippingLtd) today.

The AS Laguna from Tunis to Algiers (Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) tomorrow.

The Maersk Sembawang from Port Said to Port Taniger, the Daniel from Tunis to Algiers (both Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) and the MV Eurocargo Venezia from Catania to Genoa (Sullivan Maritime) on Saturday.

The Maersk Bulan from Port Tangier to Izmit, the Contship Top from Algiers to Algiers and the Analena from Sfax (all Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) on Sunday.

The Maersk Arkansas from Bejaia to Skikda, the Contship Fun from Valencia to Tunis, the Antwerp from Algiers to Algiers, the Elise from Singapore to Felixstow, the Safmarine Nakuru from Valencia to Alexandria (all Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd), the MV Eurocargo Valencia from Salerno to Salerno, the MV Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Genoa (both Sullivan Maritime) and the L’Audace from Genoa to Genoa (Gollcher Co Ltd) on Monday.